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Season 2 Episode 8

Price Tag: Death

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Nov 07, 1968 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Price Tag: Death
The Chief is alerted to the murder of a down-and-out by an ex-cop now living on the streets. The trail soon leads to a long line of false checks, and an extremely unstable man.

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    Raymond Burr

    Raymond Burr

    Chief Robert T. Ironside

    Don Galloway

    Don Galloway

    Detective Sergeant Ed Brown

    Barbara Anderson

    Barbara Anderson

    Officer Eve Whitfield

    Don Mitchell

    Don Mitchell

    Mark Sanger

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      • Ironside: Ed, bring me that guy in the brown coat.
        Ed: Want to step over here, please? (the man slugs Ed in the face and tries to escape. He is subdued by two officers and Ed)
        Ironside: Now let him go. (to Rafe) Get in the truck.
        Ed: The next time you want to take someone for a ride, you go get him.

      • Ironside: What were you doing at the bridge? You sleeping under pilings now?
        Rafe: I was talking a walk.
        Ironside: You called me. Why?
        Rafe: I didn't call you. Well, are you going to charge me or am I free to go?
        Ironside: I don't have to tell you what the charges could be.
        Rafe: Yeah, I know. Resisting arrest, attempting to leave the scene, assaulting an officer, you could even through in vague.
        Ironside: You forget one: murder. Why'd you call me?
        Rafe: You've got all the machinery, find the killer.
        Ironside: I'm not a homicide detective, I'm a consultant to the Commissioner.
        Rafe: This isn't a Nob Hill case, it's a dead tramp.
        Ironside: What's that got to do with it?
        Rafe: Now that you're a consultant, is murder a lesser crime because the victim is a tramp?
        Ironside: Murder is murder.
        Rafe: Suppose I said please.
        Ironside: I don't owe you a thing.
        Rafe: Please.

      • Eve: Hi, everyone.
        Ed: Any luck?
        Eve: (referring to the checks confirmed as made by the stolen check protector) So far the lab has confirmed these six.
        Ironside: Did we get a description of the passer?
        Eve: Better than that, we've got six descriptions of the passer.

      • (in reference to an unpleasant clothing salesman who was victimized by the forger)
        Mark: I wouldn't mind hanging a bad check on him myself.
        Ed: It's against the law.

      • Ironside: I thought you weren't interested in his (the forger's) character.
        Rafe: I'm not. I'm interested in his capture.
        Ironside: Capture and character go hand in hand. If you don't know your man, you don't get your man.

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