Season 2 Episode 5

Robert Phillips vs. the Man

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Oct 10, 1968 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • The projectionist at the beginning, using what appears to be 16mm film and a projector, somehow manages to do a zoom on a projected image.

  • Quotes

    • Commissioner Randall: That's it, Bob. I want you on the case.
      Ironside: Why? Porter knows his stuff.
      Commissioner: If Phillips is guilty of that murder, I want it to be without a shadow of a doubt, before we bring him to trial. We'll get a lot of reaction on this arrest, and a lot more if he's convicted. Now, if we are going to have a violent reaction, I don't want it needlessly. I want to know that we're absolutely right.
      Ironside: Porter's men are good men. They'll uncover anything I could find to prove his guilt.
      Commissioner: I don't want you to prove his guilt, Bob. I want you to prove him innocent.

    • Ironside and Mark arrive at his office to find Phillips lounging in the barber's chair)
      Robert Phillips: Next thing you know, you'll have us carrying you around on our backs.
      Ironside: My name is Ironside. I've been assigned to prove your innocence.
      Phillips: I have my own lawyer.
      Ironside: I'm not a lawyer, I'm a cop.
      Phillips: A cop? A cop who can't walk?
      Ironside: That's right.
      Phillips: (laughing sarcastically) A cop who can't walk assigned to prove me innocent. Wow. That shows where they're at. Just exactly how are you going to do that, Mr. Cop who can't walk? I mean, shut my mouth Mr. Whitey Policeman. I guess I just ought to get down on my knees and be grateful, sir.
      Mark: Why don't you just shut up and listen?
      Phillips: Well, now. Do they allow you to talk? Do the master allow that, boy?
      Mark: You don't have an exclusive right to violence, Mr. Phillips, and if you keep it up you're going to get a demonstration.
      Ironside: Mark, we have an obligation to protect all prisoners. Mr. Phillips, I suggest you drop this playacting and get down to business. Murder is no joke.

    • Phillips: (to Ironside) Let me put my cards on the table. Do you know what you are to me? You are all the things I've hated all my life. You're all the things I've fought all my life. You're the long blue arm of the white man's law who grabs a kid who's just walking down the street. You're the muscle that beats up on people just to keep them in line. You're the paid gunman of whitey to hold us down and, baby, to me you stink.

    • Ironside: You're an articulate, educated, idealistic, persuasive bum! You're the one who incites to riot, urges civil disobedience, gets people's heads broken, gets kids arrested, gets innocent people hurt or worst, while you stand in the background watching it all, waiting for a chance to call your next press conference and pass yourself off as the only great hope. Well, to me you're a phony.
      Phillips: You're not going to prove me innocent!
      Ironside: I hope not, but the fact is I'm going to try.

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