Ironside - Season 0

NBC (ended 1975)




Episode Guide

  • The Return of Ironside

    Chief Ironside has retired from the San Francisco Police Department and wants to run his vineyard with his wife, Katherine, but his old friend, Ed Brown who now works for the Denver Police asks him to fill in the vacated position for Chief due to the murder of the previous Chief. Ironside accepts. Suzanne, Eve Whitfield's daughter accompanies him and is his assistant. She gets involved with Mike Quinn, a detective. Now she constantly finds him with Judy, another cop, and is suspicious. She eventually gets into a fight with her and threatens her. Later she followed Mike to Judy's place and sees them together, later the house explodes. She refuses to say where she was when the house blew up and McManus the Chief of Detectives, who opposed Ironside's appointment, thinks that Ironside and Brown are trying to protect Suzanne, which prompts them to investigate and they only discover more evidence that implicates her but they believe that she is innocent and are placing their careers on the line.