Season 8 Episode 6

Set Up: Danger!

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Oct 24, 1974 on NBC



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    • Bruno Roman: Robert Ironside.
      Ironside: Did you write that?
      Bruno Roman: Who else would send my son to bring it to you? Sure I wrote it.
      Ironside: You wrote it, you read it.
      Bruno Roman: "I'm back, if you still want me, come and take your best shot."
      Ironside: You were always excessive, Bruno. The note was enough. Man with the gun got you nothing.
      Bruno Roman: Been a long time, 1960. He ran me out of the country, this man right here. What were you then, Ironside, a lieutenant? I made him a hero. I left for Mexico, they promoted him to Captain. It's a long time to carry a grudge.
      Ironside: What do you want?
      Bruno Roman: Somebody murdered my niece.
      Ironside: Murder's a strange word coming from you.
      Bruno Roman: Not when I'm talking about my niece. Selma was murdered.
      Ironside: I'd like some black coffee.
      Bruno Roman: Fifteen years in my house. My ward since she was five years old. You find out who killed her.
      Ironside: And if I do?
      Bruno Roman: What do you want?
      Ironside: Nothing unusual. Arrest and trial for the killer.
      Bruno Roman: You want my hand on it?
      Ironside: Your word's enough.
      Bruno Roman: You got it.
      Ironside: I want one more thing. I want you. That warrant's has gathered enough dust.
      Bruno Roman: Well, like I said, if your best shot is good enough.

    • Eric Roman: (a mob killer) It's a walk-in cooler, I built it for... (Ironside gives him a look).

    • Jack Phelps: I could take you, Bruno.
      Bruno Roman: We could take each other out.
      Jack Phelps: So the cop has the right idea. He's good, but he's gonna have an angle.
      Bruno Roman: He wants me.
      Jack Phelps: You put yourself up for a dead girl?
      Bruno Roman: She was in my family.
      Jack Phelps: This thing goes down, Ironside is through here. What then?
      Bruno Roman: I think he's in Reno, Nevada. Miles and miles of open desert around there.
      Jack Phelps: Funny, eh? Because of a cop, it's down to you and me.
      Bruno Roman: You got the guts?
      Jack Phelps: You guarantee no back-up?
      Bruno Roman: You see me alone here now?

    • Ironside: What's that?
      Fran: It's a clue.
      Ed: Columbidae clombiformes.
      Fran: He's brilliant.
      Mark: What did he say?
      Ironside: The feather's from a pigeon. That might be a veiled insult.
      Fran: Oh I didn't mean...
      Ironside: You handed it to me with the quill pointing north, that means it is a homing not a passenger pigeon and it's flying to San Francisco. (yawning) I don't know what you're going to do, but I'm going to follow that pigeon home.

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