Season 2 Episode 1

Shell Game

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Sep 19, 1968 on NBC

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  • A cat-and-mouse game between Ironside and a murderous thief.

    "Shell Game" starts out slow, but gradually builds the tension up to a climax that looks like the ending of "The Italian Job." Ironside has to stay two steps ahead of a calculating thief and killer who is after a priceless gem collection.

    This episode is painfully slow, from the repetitive helicopter shots to the seemingly endless scenes of cars pulling up to curbs then pulling away again. There's no suspense in the identity of the culprit - he all but dares Ironside to catch him in Act I. The fact that the actor playing Justin is about as menacing as a grandma doesn't help either, even when Ironside identifies him as a vicious killer. The master plan involving sabotaging the paddy wagon seemed a little too Wiley Coyote to me, and the whole plot point about the "inside man" fizzled out. Just because Ironside is handicapped doesn't mean the show should be too.