Season 2 Episode 12

Side Pocket

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Dec 05, 1968 on NBC



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    • Eve: Why don't I go out in the jungle and find out?
      Ironside: That jungle doesn't believe in equal rights for women.
      Eve: There are some parts of that jungle that don't believe in equal rights for men.

    • Ironside: Seals. Wonder what they're doing this far from the rocks.
      Tim: There go where they want, no heat directing traffic.
      Ironside: Where they want? South when it's cold, north when it warms up again.
      Tim: They do their thing, I guess.
      Ironside: But they're seals. When the herd gets ready to swim south, not one of those seals ever decides that he'd rather save himself the trip and spend the winter right where he is. Tim: That'd be a gas, he'd have the whole world to himself.
      Ironside: But he wouldn't do that. He'd swim south with the others, because he's a seal.
      Tim: And not a man who can make up his mind for himself? (Ironside looks at him) You're telling me to forget what anyone else would do and swim against the herd.
      Ironside: I'm not telling you a thing.

    • Eve: You sure know some characters.
      Ironside: Yup. (looks at Ed and Mark)
      Eve: I mean other characters!

    • (to Ironside)
      Money Howard: You hustled me!

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