Season 8 Episode 12

Speak No Evil

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Dec 12, 1974 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Ironside: I already know Steve is a priest.
      Fran: A police record back east, minor bust, a student demonstration about ten years ago.
      Ironside: Which keyed us to his school, a seminary, and service in various churches and parishes, rarely over a year at a time. He was apparently somewhat unorthodox in his beliefs and I'd say rebellious.
      Fran: He transferred out here to Saint Ambrose, a little less than a year ago.
      Ed: Where he's still bucking the establishment.
      Ironside: Is that a fact?
      Ed: Uh, no fact, just a feeling I got from Father Holt.
      Ironside: Well, he was trouble enough for someone to take a shot at him.