Season 7 Episode 7

The Helping Hand

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Nov 01, 1973 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Bay City's Employment Agency is called "The Helping Hand Domestic Employment Agency" and is supplying illegal workers with jobs and taking a major cut while the poor workers only get five dollars.

  • Quotes

    • Ironside: For what, to help her or to kill her? Rosita insists that there is no witness and she knows she needs one or she'll be charged with murder. Now why would she protect someone who's trying to keep her in virtual slavery? I think Rosita is lying. I think you were there, Pedro.
      Pedro: You don't know what you're talking about. In spite of everything, Rosita is happier here, they all are.
      Ironside: Teresa.
      Pedro: I could not stop what happened to Teresa. I don't give the orders, I take them.
      Ironside: Were you taking orders the night Stoner was stabbed? Stoner was going to kill Rosita, he was attacking her with a knife. Didn't you try and stop him?
      Pedro: I was not there.
      Ironside: There were fingerprints in Stoner's car, yours among others.
      Pedro: No.
      Ironside: You either saw Rosita stab Stoner, or you did it yourself.
      Pedro: I was not there!
      Ironside: What kind of man is it, I wonder, who can watch a little girl grow up and before she's out of her childhood, see her sold into bondage, watch her sister die, and then let her face a charge of murder and do nothing, nothing to help? What kind of man?!?
      Pedro: A man born into the Strobero on the floor of the shack, who scratched and clawed on miserable days to find enough to eat and steal when hungry. A man who thought when he came to the land of plenty to be somebody and never starve again no matter what he had to do. A man who made it across the border legally only to discover that in most people's eyes he still was a nobody without skills, without education. You are lucky you have no legs, man, you don't have to walk on your knees.
      Ironside: That's the difference between us, Pedro. You have a choice.

    • Fran: These were in his pocket eleven checks made out to Mexican women, all endorsed. One is mine to Rosita.
      Ironside: All right.
      Fran: You don't think Rosita willfully stabbed him, do you, Chief?
      Ironside: Officially I do. Makes it legal for Ed to search.

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