Season 7 Episode 11

The Hidden Man

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Nov 29, 1973 on NBC



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    • Ironside: Well, the late Sergeant Brown.
      Ed: I've been busy snooping. Where is everybody?
      Ironside: Finding Mike a hotel, making sure he's not followed.
      Ed: The car on your tail left you at City Hall and went on to a high-rise excavation.
      Ironside: Essay Construction Company.
      Ed: A division of Stanley Alexis Investments.
      Ironside: Babe Alden's son. Alexis was the grandmother's name.
      Ed: (sarcastically) Friend of the family, are you?
      Ironside: Call the Federal Penitentiary at McNeil Island. Tell the warden whenever Babe Alden has a visitor, Chief Ironside wants to know.
      Ed: Chief Ironside is leaving.
      Ironside: For a long overdue appointment.
      Ed: Don't you want to know who's driving the car?
      Ironside: Tony Hudson!
      Ed: Tony Hudson was driving the car.

    • Commissioner: Who is Tony Hudson?
      Ironside: You knew him as Anthony Serbo.
      Commissioner: Oh yeah, the fish that got away. He followed you?
      Ironside: Long enough to convince me that the contract on Jack Doyle's life is still in force.
      Commissioner: You pick him up?
      Ironside: I don't want him yet.
      Commissioner: Ah, probably just reacting to what they read in the papers. Jack's death was established long ago.
      Ironside: All the questions answered and all the answers believed because they came from you.
      Commissioner: You're not doubting me, are you?
      Ironside: Time has passed and his son is alive. I can imagine a situation in which that might make some difference.
      Commissioner: Look, just because the boy is...
      Ironside: Sgt. Michael Doyle is not a boy, Sgt. Michael Doyle wants to open his father's grave.
      Commissioner: I'll oppose that.
      Ironside: As I've done... so far. But tomorrow morning, if I must, I'll help him get a court order.
      Commissioner: All right, as a friend, before we both get bloody noses, lay off.
      Ironside: Now we're getting somewhere.
      Commissioner: All right, as an order, lay off!
      Ironside: Lay off what? Lay off the moral obligation to a young man grown old before his time?
      Commissioner: Look, I flatly resent any implication that I'm insensitive to what he went through. Whether you choose to believe it or not, I'm not trying to play God! I will tell you this: stop trying to force my hand.
      Ironside: You're taking the Fifth, Dennis?
      Commissioner: That's it, end of this interview.
      Ironside: May I ask one favor?
      Commissioner: You may ask.
      Ironside: Call Sergeant Doyle and level with him.

    • Mike Doyle: Why do cops like Westerns? My father was the same way.
      Mark Sanger: Audiovisual aids.

  • Notes

    • James Gregory appeared in a total of four episodes of Ironside. They are "Message From Beyond" (the first episode), "Rundown of a Bum Rap" (from season 2), "Programmed For Panic" (from season 6) and finally "The Hidden Man".

    • French title: L'Homme Cache.

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