Season 1 Episode 3

The Leaf in the Forest

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Sep 21, 1967 on NBC



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    • Ironside: Turks are quite familiar with Persian proverbs.

    • Ironside: On your way out, tell the reporters we expect to make an arrest within 50 hours.
      Detective Keeley: Do we?
      Ironside: No, but we've been telling them 48 hours for years.

    • (at the conclusion of his interrogation at his office)
      Pierre Dupont: Now there isn't anything else, is there?
      (opens door for team to leave and turns to Ironside)
      Oh yes there is: you forgot to tell me not to leave town.
      Ironside: Don't leave town!

    • (stopping Eve from staying with a victim)
      Ironside: No, she'll be better off alone. The more you get into police work, Eve, the more you will know that every time you solve a case, some innocent person ends up behind a closed door crying. It's tough. You've got to be tougher.

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    • The Leaf in the Forest
      The title, according to Ironside, is from an ancient Persian proverb which he quotes in its entirety as:

      The best hiding places are these:
      for a book, a library
      for a man, a city
      for a leaf, a forest.