Season 8 Episode 11

The Over-the-Hill Blues

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Dec 05, 1974 on NBC



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    • Andrea: He came down from the roof, landed on the balcony, loided the door, jumped the alarm, and then cracked open that safe just as easily as if I had printed the combination on it.
      Ironside: Very professional summary.
      Andrea: Well, I overheard Sgt. Costas saying it to one of his men.
      Ironside: You're certainly taking it well. Most women who just lost a half-million dollar necklace would be under a doctor's care.
      Andrea: Well, not me, I've been through the wars with three husbands so far and I learned a few things very early. First you get it, second you get it insured.
      Ed: There's a chip in the balcony, all right.
      Ironside: He used a stethoscope on the safe, probably with a booster.
      Andrea: What's this all about? I mean, uh, didn't that sergeant do his job?
      Ironside: Oh, he did an excellent job, Miss Reynolds. You know, you're a very attractive woman.
      Andrea: Well, that's the kind of police work I like.
      Ironside: And unattached.
      Andrea: Ummm... temporarily.
      Ironside: But not without admirers.
      Andrea: Oh, I see. Someone who knew the layout of this place.

    • Gillian: Peter and I were together last night.
      Ironside: What time?
      Gillian: Any time he says.

    • Ironside: Well, you may think you're just an innocent bystander in this but you're very much a part of it, probably the reason.
      Gillian: What are you talking about?
      Ironside: A beautiful woman with expensive taste. A man like Justin would certainly like to keep her. A younger man would want to take her away.
      Gillian: If you're trying to make me feel guilty, you're doing a good job of it.
      Ironside: There can only be one tiger to a hill.

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    • Ironside: There can only be one tiger to a hill.

      The phrase "One tiger to a hill" is taken from Robert Ardrey's "African Genesis: A Personal Investigation into the Animal Origins and Nature of Man". The central analytical concept is based on territorial behaviour.