Season 1 Episode 14

The Past Is Prologue

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Dec 07, 1967 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • In the episode, several references are made to the original crime having taken place 19 years ago. On the DVD release, the length of time is listed as 17 years.

  • Quotes

    • Ironside: (yelling into the phone in the middle of the night) No, sir. All I'm telling you is that the trial transcript came through fine - very interesting reading. But I'm still looking for the medical examiner's report, the report of the arresting officer, and not to mention the transcript of the coroner's inquest. Look, you represented Tomlichek at his trial. I know it's all ancient history to you. But the Tomlichek gets happening. Dig those documents out and get them here. (pause) And thank you for your cooperation, sir.
      Mark: You told him.
      Ironside: He needed telling.
      Mark: Yeah, but you wasted the phone call. If we had a window put in this buzzard's roost, he'd have heard you all the way back in New York.
      Ironside: I suppose I woke you up.
      Mark: That you did.
      Ironside: About time you got out of the the sack.
      Mark: It's about time you hit the sack, isn't it?

    • (upon returning to his office and finding the Commissioner sitting in the barber's chair)
      Ironside: Well, now that I look at you, Commissioner, you do seem a bit shaggy around the collar. However, you have to make an appointment for that chair.
      Commissioner: Of course, I could take my business someplace else. Welcome home, Bob.
      Ironside: Thank you. It's heartwarming to find you like this.

    • Ed: Chief, people say you're ruthless. Is that true?
      Ironside: Only when I want something.

    • (leaving the Commissioner's office)
      Ironside: Well, I struck out. Commissioner says we play this one by the book.
      Eve: Too bad we can't rewrite the book.
      Ironside: Who says we can't?

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