Season 4 Episode 9

Too Many Victims

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Nov 12, 1970 on NBC
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Too Many Victims
A policeman's daughter crashes her car after taking cannabis, and her father sets out to catch the man who sold her the stuff. When it becomes apparent that he has framed the man responsible, the task falls to Ironside to decide whether to charge a known pusher or an old and trusted cop who has clearly gone off the rails.moreless

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    Raymond Burr

    Raymond Burr

    Chief Robert T. Ironside

    Don Galloway

    Don Galloway

    Detective Sergeant Ed Brown

    Barbara Anderson

    Barbara Anderson

    Officer Eve Whitfield

    Don Mitchell

    Don Mitchell

    Mark Sanger

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      • Barbara: I'm not going to stay long, I have a taxi waiting downstairs. My father didn't want to beg for himself. I heard everything he talked about. So I came to beg for him.
        Ironside: You know what he did.
        Barbara: Yes, I've known for a few days.
        Ironside: He told you?
        Barbara: No. The night that he bought the marijuana, he came home with it. It was very late, he must have thought I was asleep. But I saw him hide it way back in the closet.
        Ironside: Did you mention that to him?
        Barbara: No, we weren't talking very much then, and I really didn't think it was any of my business, you know? Until I heard that Beale was arrested and then I looked back in the closet and it wasn't there anymore. It just all came together. If you tell what you know, what will happen to my dad?
        Ironside: He'll... probably lose his badge.
        Barbara: And jail, will he have to go to jail?
        Ironside: It's possible.
        Barbara: He did it for me, you know?
        Ironside: I know.
        Barbara: I mean--I mean, it was wrong, it was very stupid, but he did do it for me. Please. Please don't say anything. Look, in a year he can retire, even less than a year in ten months, if you take off all the sick leave that's due him.
        Ironside: Barbara, I'm sorry.
        Barbara: Please. Please.
        Ironside: You'll never know how sorry I am.
        Barbara: He thinks of you as his best friend and you wouldn't do that for him?!?
        Ironside: I can't. If he doesn't tell the truth then I have to. Otherwise I'd be betraying everything he believes in.
        Barbara: "I'd be betraying everything he believes in." Oh, man, you know that sounds so smug, so damn self-righteous. Do you know I once accused my own father of that?! I once asked him if he thought he was playing God!! But no, sir, you're the one who's playing God now!!! Yes you are!

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