Season 2 Episode 15

Up, Down and Even

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Jan 09, 1969 on NBC



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    • Eve: Chief, do you ever get the feeling that we lose touch sometimes? All we do is work on cases but we don't see the people, or feel them, even those close to us.
      Ironside: When someone makes a speech like that, it's what they don't say that interests me.
      Eve: Kim was arrested last night.
      Ironside: Kim Channing?
      Eve: Yes.
      Ironside: What's the charge?
      Eve: 23-105VC Drugs, 11-910H&S and 11-530H&S. The arrest report said that the car reeked of marijuana.
      Ironside: What does Kim say?
      Eve: Turkish cigarettes. Chief, I want to believe her. She's not just another kid. I fed her, changed her, held her on my lap. I watched her grow up. I, I feel like her aunt. But when I talk to her, I act more like a cop. What can I do? How can I help her?

    • Sgt. Darga: Eve, you bringing in the heavy artillery?
      Ironside: I brought myself in.
      Sgt. Darga: Well, I know you like it straight. Kim Channing got the brass ring, her second offense in less than a year. Chances are the youth authority will send her to a girl's school.
      Ironside: What can we do to help her?
      Sgt. Darga: Her only chance is to tell us where she got those drugs, but I don't think that information will come from her.
      Ironside: Suppose it comes from me.
      Sgt. Darga: Then I'll do what I can.

    • Ironside: Kim, if you don't tell us where you got the drugs, there's nothing we can do to keep you out of that girl's school.
      Kim: But that's not fair. I didn't steal anything, I didn't hurt anybody.
      Ironside: You broke the law. Laws are made for the protection of everyone, even the people who break them.
      Kim: You sound just like my mom and my dad. Don't do that, it's bad, just because they say so. Well what makes the law right and me wrong?
      Eve: We're not talking about the validity of the law. It's there, it exists. We're talking about where you got the stuff. School? At the party?
      Kim: I don't know.

    • Commissioner: What brought on this sudden interest in drugs in schools?
      Ironside: It's a personal matter.
      Commissioner: You and your personal matters. Why come to me?
      Ironside: Well, you're on all the committees in this town. If anyone knows what's going on, it would be you.
      Commissioner: All my information is second- or third-hand.
      Ironside: Well, now that I have your permission, I'll get it for you first-hand.
      Commissioner: I didn't give you my permission. Bob, I want a full report.
      Ironside: Don't I always give you a full report?
      Commissioner: No!

    • Christine: My sister in junior high, she's only 13. Well, a boy in her class showed up with a handful of pills and he's only 13 too. (hands the Chief a piece of paper) That's his name.
      Ironside: Thank you.
      Christine: I guess now I'm a fink.
      Ironside: I think you've been a friend, Christine. More than a friend; not only to your sister, but to a lot of people you don't even know.
      Christine: Well, I, I hope... (runs away)

  • Notes

    • The songs "Anywhere" and "The Melody Man" are performed in the show. The music was written by William Goldenberg and the lyrics by Richard McLelland.

  • Allusions

    • Ed: Back to the upper class blackboard jungle
      Refers to the 1955 movie Blackboard Jungle, which is about teachers in an inner-city school and is based on a novel of the same name by Evan Hunter. The movie is often credited with sparking the rock and roll revolution because it featured Bill Haley & His Comets singing Rock Around the Clock over the opening credits. The song became an instant classic and led to a huge teenage audiences, whose excitement sometimes overflowed into violence and vandalism. It has thus been seen as marking the start of visible teenage rebellion in the late 20th century.

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