Season 4 Episode 26

Walls Are Waiting

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Apr 15, 1971 on NBC



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    • Tommy: Listen I, ah, took off a couple of hours, is that a parole violation?
      Ed: Depends what did you with those hours.
      : Listen, ah, can I talk off the record?
      Ed: I'm sorry, Tommy, no.
      : Well, listen, I mean it's okay, nothing happened, you see, I just don't want any trouble because of intent.
      : Intent? Well, what was your intent, Tommy?
      : Uh, well, I went to see this guy and he never showed up.
      : What guy?
      : Billy Gresham, ah, I met him in prison. Okay, I know, I know, condition of parole, condition eight, "You should avoid association with former inmates of penal institution unless specifically approved by your parole officer." You see, the guy was in trouble and called me up and he says, ah, come right down and I didn't have any time to check with Brand.
      : Where did you meet with him?
      : I told you, uh, he didn't show up. I waited, you know, almost two hours and he never came.
      : Anybody see you?
      : You kidding, man, on Sixth and Market? I mean, there's a lot of people going by. Hey, uh, what are you asking for, an alibi?
      : Right.
      Tommy: What do I need an alibi for?
      Ed: I'll tell you on the way to the lab. Do you want to get your coat?
      Tommy: Lab? Lab? Hey, what for?
      Ed: A paraffin test.
      Tommy: That's to see if I fired a gun.
      Ed: That's right, Tommy.

    • Don: It's true. I hate pushers. No telling when there's some sweet innocent selling pot or a mobster selling heroin, makes no difference to me. But I'm a pro, Sergeant, I sit on my emotions the same way you sit on yours. I do my job objectively.
      Ed: Can you really be objective?
      Don: It's hard but I manage.
      Ed: Watching your sister suffer?
      Don: I manage.
      Ed: Knowing that when she isn't in the grip of that nightmare, she lives in a daily fear of it?
      Don: What do you want from me?
      Ed: I want you to be honest. We checked the record. Now you have thieves, bad check artists, burglars, all kinds of people on your case load and they violate their paroles as much as Tommy. But you're not suggesting sending them back. Now, why not, Mr. Brand?
      Don: I do my job.

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