Season 8 Episode 3

What's New with Mark?

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Sep 26, 1974 on NBC



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    • (leaving a movie theater)
      Mark: Oh wow, the part where she walked out on him, I just couldn't figure that out at all.
      Diana: That figures you know, that was only the best scene in the picture.
      Mark: Are you kidding? Dude treats her the way he did, gives her everything she wanted.
      Diana: Except her own identity.
      Mark: I just can't figure it.
      Diana: What?
      Mark: Well your Women's Lib. I'm a male chauvenist, at least that's what you keep telling me.
      Diana: I'm telling you.
      Mark: Then why are we so compatible?
      Diana: Well we're both Giant fans.
      Mark: Except I give up half during the season.
      Diana: We both went to law school and there are no racial barriers between us and we're not married.

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