IRT: Deadliest Roads

The History Channel (ended 2010)





IRT: Deadliest Roads Fan Reviews (3)

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  • Worst Show Ever

    I Find The People Are Good On The Show But What I Don't Like About It Is The Roads Are Bad Corners Can't Share With The Opposite Side I Sure Hope From What I Eared That Dave Redmon Is Right & There Is No Season 3 For Sure
  • What the hell...

    they are crazy. Thank God for them b/c if it wasn't for them no one would get their supplies to live off of.
  • Second Season

    Glad they got Hugh to come off the ice this year and try his hand at the high passes. He's definitely one of the characters that makes IRT fun to watch. But you gotta love Lisa Kelly. She just don't give up. Especially if she has someone in the truck with her that doubts her resolve.

    I was quite disappointed to see Dave and Rick give up early on though. Of course Rick does have a history of it when the going gets rough.

    This season was pretty good. I liked the way they changed it up a bit mid-season with a different set of roads. Good stuff.

    (Hey TV.COM... There's 12 eps this season, not 10...)