Is She Really Going Out With Him?

Monday 5:00 PM on MTV - Music Television Premiered Jun 15, 2009 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • 12/7/10
      Egotistial Ryan has high hopes to become a model and actor, but Lauren wishes he would just focus on being a better boyfriend.
    • DJ D-Bag
      Episode 12
      Melissa tries to convince her DJ boyfriend G-Bello to commit to her full-time, not just on the weekdays.
    • 11/16/10
      Michelle hopes her gambling-addicted boyfriend Chris will stop choosing bets over her.
    • Miss Ogynist
      Miss Ogynist
      Episode 8
      Alexandra is a busy hair stylist who juggles three jobs. Angela is her inexplicably chauvinist girlfriend who believes Alex should be happy for the privilege to cook and clean for her.
    • Chippendouche
      Episode 7
      Nick is a male stripper who loves to take it all off for the patrons of a local strip club. Christy is his beautiful girlfriend who wishes that Nick would quit choosing the stripper pole over her.
    • Garbage Bag
      Episode 6
      Sarah hopes her dumpster-diving boyfriend, Max, will get his act together and start paying rent.
    • Nostradoucheous
      Episode 5
      Adonnis is a substandard philosopher and rapper who has no plans to get a job. His girlfriend Victoria, however, is an honor student who?s getting ready to start college.
    • The Massclown
      The Massclown
      Episode 4
      Herbert is a Boston lifer with no intention of ever leaving the square mile in which he was born. But his girlfriend Noelle just got a modeling offer in LA and wants him to be supportive of her big break
    • The DD Bag
      The DD Bag
      Episode 3
      Nursing student Brittany has a good head on her shoulders and a positive self-image to match. Her boyfriend, RJ, thinks there is something missing in their relationship - breast implants!
    • The Wannabag
      The Wannabag
      Episode 2
      Amelia is a hairstylist who wants to one day own a beauty salon. Her boyfriend, Joey, is a wanna-be DJ who still lives with his parents.
    • Bagoholic
      Episode 1
      Brittany worries that her self-obsessed boyfriend, Josh, won't stop excessively exercising and hitting on other girls.
    • The Bagaholic
      The Bagaholic
      Episode 1
      Josh's unquenchable addiction to protein milk, gettin' digits, and rackin' weights at the gym are probable cause for a full scale douchervention.
  • Season 2
  • Season 1