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  • Season 9
    • 2221
      Episode 12
      Lee tries to talk to Barker about the suddenness of Dineo moving in with him, and Barker uses it as leverage to undermine Lee's security. Lee confides in Harriet who advises her to regain her status within the pecking order as Barker's daughter and equal, not only as his daughter like Dineo is. Lee takes her advice on board. Meanwhile Rajesh and Barker clash at an ON!TV meeting. Calvin is upbeat about his first bar shift and Frank is dour. Natasha tells Calvin that Frank is struggling with Calvin is moving out. Calvin buys Frank some cigars and tells him that he is still a cool dad which goes a long way in making Frank feel better. Frank finally admits to Natasha that empty nest syndrome is a terrible thing. Maggie begs Len for the picture and Len agrees to let it hang in the lounge. Paul watches Maggie relating to it and has a few suspicions around the identity of the naked woman.moreless
  • Season 8