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  • Mayim Bialek Would Be Great For An Isis Resurrection

    The actress who plays Sheldon's girlfriend, Amy, on "The Big Bang Theory", would be great to fill the role of science teacher Andrea and her alter ego, Isis. Perhaps she could film episodes of The New Isis while continuing to do TBBT. Mayim Bialek would fill Joanne Cameron's role very nicely. Bring back this show on Saturday morning, CBS!
  • Billed as Saturday morning's first live-action super-heroine, Isis ran around stopping crimes and saving lives in a mini-skirt and go-go boots on The Secrets of ISIS as part of the Shazam/Isis Hour on CBS.

    These twenty-two episodes will certainly thrust you back to 1975 when Isis first appeared, and make you realize that what seemed so amazing back then appears quite simple now. Though that can be disappointing, the trip down memory lane is till a pleasant one. Simple is the word here as the writing is very blunt and there is a huge formage factor and queso quotient here. In most episodes Andrea found herself dealing with a new student who just didn't quite fit in. From a class clown to an overly ambitious cheerleader or a kid that was too short, each would manage to get themselves into trouble often pulling Andreas friends fellow teacher Rick Mason (Brian Cutler) and students/aides (Never clearly defined) Cindy Lee (Joanna Pang-Season 1) and Rennie Carol (Ronalda Douglas-Season 2) into danger with them. Luckily, Andrea would manage to find a way to slip away so that Isis could appear and save the day.

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  • Oh my Queen said the royal wizard to Hatchupset...with this amulet you and your decendence will be endowed by the Goddess Isis. With the powers over animals and elements you will soar as the falcon with the speed of gazells & command the eleme

    Isis is a great show. It teaches kids lessons about life & people. It is my favorite superhero show show of all time. Only a couple of other shows equal this on as one of my all time favorites. This show would be great now with superhero shows and movies popping up everywhere. \"Oh Mighty Isis\" we could really use you now. Isis was a show that did not promote violence, but promoted fun. For Saturday tv back then it was the best. It even showed that superhero need help once in a while, by having Shazam come in to help out sometimes. JJC