Island at War

ITV (ended 2004)


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  • Intrigueing and Good Drama

    It doesn't matter if it isn't completely true, it opens the mind to how occupation would feel,

    and the dangers therein. The characters were good, and interesting,

    and the suspense and situations were good and real.

    The only complaint I had was why in the world would anyone in any century keep a parrot in such a terribly small cage? Pathetic and obviously a worse prison than the islanders experienced.
  • Complex

    A fictionalization of true events. Nazi troops land and occupy one of the Channel Islands, the fictitious St. Gregory. One of the most intriguing characters is Oberst Heinrich Baron Von Rheingarten, the commandant of the Nazi force. He's quite polite, almost charming. The Nazis seem to want to settle in for the long haul and even try to chat up local young women. The island residents learn to deal with their occupiers and deal with the war in their own yards.
  • Great historical drama with realistic events, deep characters, and a lot to think about. "Island at War" left me definitely wanting more.

    A great program about a forgotten chapter in history. ITV did an excellent job showing the humanity, and inhumanity, of both sides in the war, from locals looting the homes of those who had evacuated, to the shooting of a spy. The characters were complex and interesting, and often acted in unpredictable ways. I hope there're sequels to come, because a lot of questions are left to be what will become of Felicity Dorr now that James is gone, how Angelique and Bernhardt will fare, whether June now hates the Germans she was once trying to get to know, and of course, what\'s up with Walker and Zelda.