It Takes a Thief

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It Takes a Thief

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Hosted by reformed ex-burglars, Matt Johnston and Jon Douglas Rainey, It Takes a Thief tests the home-security of the average home owner by staging actual burglaries to reveal security shortcomings. In each episode, Matt and Jon search for a location to rob. In the first season, Matt would speak to the owners and convinced them that it would be a good idea to have their house robbed. Matt would then have the owners show him what security they did have in place. Then the homeowners would lock up and would join Matt in the production van to watch the break in on closed circuit TV. In the second season, the producers would approach the owners and in most cases, Jon would break in while the owners weren't home and Matt would watch the break in alone. The homeowners would then be shown the tapes upon returning home. In both seasons, after a walkthrough of the house, the homeowners had the opportunity to meet Jon and have him answer their questions of how and why. After all of the property was returned and the mess cleaned up, Matt would return with a team of security experts then give the property a full security makeover complete with everything from locks to landscaping. A few weeks later, Matt and Jon returned and Jon tested the new security system by attempting to break in once again. After premiering in 2005, It Takes a Thief ran for 2 seasons and is currently on hiatus.moreless
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  • Two ex-burglars rob people's homes and then give them a whole new security makeover. Quite interesting.

    It Takes a Thief is a show where two ex-burglars (Jon Douglas Rainey and Matt Johnston)scout around for a good place to rob. After getting permission from the homeowners, you'll watch as Jon breaks into their house (sometimes with them still in it, unaware of his presence)and steals thousands of dollars worth of loot. Afterwards, the family gets their belongings back and then Matt gives them a complete security makeover. A few weeks later, they come back and test the new security by trying to break in all over again.

    Overall, this show is very entertaining and often quite funny. It shows you just how bad your own security can be by letting you see what happens during a real robbery. Occasionally, Jon has gotten caught by either the homeowners or the Police, but mostly he'll get clean away. The show gives a good sense of just how far criminals are willing to go, and what measures you yourself should take to protect your house.

    Rating: A

    Sincerely, RedHawk4.moreless
  • Only the best show ever!

    It Takes a Thief is my favorite show. Matt and Jon are amazing hosts. They offset each other's personalities perfectly. Matt's commentary, when he's allowed to give it, is hilarious yet insightful. Jon has a bad boy charm and his inventive entries are very fun to watch. I can't believe that Discovery is still dragging their feet to renew this show. ITaT is the best show on Discovery and the only one I watch(and tape)religiously. This show has taught a lot of people how to keep themselves safer. It's educational and entertainment value are through the roof. I really hope that Discovery decides to order another season.moreless
  • when i first watched this show when it first came out i luved it and rite now i am still friggin mad i think that they should bring it back and it needs 2 hurry and come out on dvd now b/c i luv them and i would do anything 4 themmoreless

    I think that it takes a thief was the best show in the world and when it comes out on dvd i am gonna buy it the first day that it comes out in 2005 when it came out i watched it everyday and i still continue to watch when i found out that it was canceld i was so ticked off i just couldnt believe it i was so astonished i think that they should bring it back because it was the best thing that ever happend to discovery channel. Plus matt and jon were like the hottest guys on the discovery channel and they still continue to be. I would do anything for them and i wish that i would of known this earlier i always find out things late and think that if they do bring it back i betch u it will b the most watched show ever.moreless
  • If you live in a house, you need to watch.

    This show is a must if you live in a house; it gives you great tips on keeping thieves out and your family and self safe. It has some minor flaws such as they always seem to be reaching to get people to react and that can be a little annoying at times. It also doesn’t last near as long as I want it to most of the time, I just can’t get enough of the breaking and entering. Despite this the show is entertaining as well an informative and like I said if you live in a home you need to watch.moreless
  • two ex-thiefs show the "flaws" in a families securty. And they are there to prove it as well! Matt Johnston and Jon Douglas Rainey act a fake burglary and show the families what would have happened if it was real...moreless

    I like this show a lot. Everytime I watch it, I always feel like being more secure with my items I have in the house. Thats how much of an impact it has on me. Its like they are talking to me directly. Last time watched it, i decided to buy some alarms. And it works. I give it 2 thumps up because it tells viewers to be more careful with there stuff around home, and to put some security around the house when you leave. Or atleast lock the door when you get out... Its amazing how to burgalers thrun things around and decided to help the people by making a home improvement. And i like it for that!moreless

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