It Takes a Thief

Season 2 Episode 36

Reversal of Fortune

Aired Unknown Apr 09, 2007 on Discovery Channel
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Reversal of Fortune
Jon takes advantage of a waterfront home that lacks security.

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      • Matt (Voiceover): Man, it's freezing.
        Jon (Breaks twig off of bush)
        Matt (Voiceover): Oh, goody. It looks like Jon has an idea how to keep us warm while we wait.
        Jon (Holds lighter to the twig)
        Matt: That's not gonna work.
        Jon: This is gonna work, I'm from south Jersey, all right. This is a survival technique. Light, torch.
        Matt: Your survival technique is killing me.
        Jon: Not the bench, god! Throws lighter to the ground)
        Matt: Yeah.
        Jon: You're really happy with yourself.
        Matt: Oh, oh, we're saved!!

      • Jon: You know the expression, "Left out in the cold"?
        Matt: I'm familiar, yes.
        Jon: Well, now we are very familiar. This is us, because you wanted to make them secure.
        Matt: That's right.
        Jon: (Stands still and just moves his lips) I'm frozen.
        Matt: (Laughs) Don't look at me for body heat. (Walks off)

      • Jon: (To Matt through the Aiphone) What are you doing out there?
        Matt: I'm kind of cold, and I have locked myself out, so I need back in.
        Jon: I'll be right there, buddy.
        Matt: Thanks a lot, Jon. (Jon starts talking over the Aiphone) You're always there for me.
        Jon: Hey, do you have some tea?
        Stacey: It might take a couple of minutes though, is that alright?
        Jon: Please do. Please do. (To Matt through the Aiphone) Hang in there, buddy. Here I come.
        Matt: Okay, buddy.
        Jon (Walks away from Aiphone)
        Matt: Um, are you coming now?
        Jon: (Walks back to Aiphone with a cup of tea) Hey, Matt, I'll be right there.
        Matt: Thank you.

      • Matt: Oh, my gosh! That safe has got to be, like, 200 pounds! How is he picking that up?? He is going to [bleep] his guts. Oh. This is crazy!!

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