It Takes a Thief

Season 3 Episode 24

Project "X"

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Mar 23, 1970 on ABC

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  • Who-dun-it on an airplane carrying dignitaries from the superpowers of the world.One of the passengers is the murderer responsible for the airplane's anti-pollution movie and the murder of a different dignitary each hour.

    Normally the last episode of a series is a rehashed trite leftover idea,speedily written and half baked.Not the case with this gem.Totally original script.Very topical for the times.1970 was the beginning of the ecology movement.The writer weaves a neat murder who-dun-it around a story exposing man's total disregard for conserving Earth's resources and pollution.Definitely one of the Top 5 episodes of "Thief".Diminutive,brainy,squeeky-voiced(Underdog)Wally Cox is great as Al's unlikely sidekick in this caper and the banter between the two is witty.Cox was in both the first and last episodes of "Thief".Tina Sinatra is in this episode too.Definitely the prettiest of Frank's offspring.None of Robert Wagner's subsequent TV efforts measured up to the quality and style of this series.
  • While the show takes from the movie Ten Little Indians. The real theme of this show is the negative enviroment impact us humans are creating in this world.

    Some of the most powerful and important scientist are on board this plane heading to a very important meeting. But the unknown killer
    systematicly every hour on the hour murders one of the scientist(passenger). Before they die - a short movie is played showing scenes of global enviromental destruction that is blamed on the soon to be murdered scientist. This is a great show because it tells the truth of what is really happening to our planet earth. Back in the late sixties and early seventies "save our planet" was a major movement, but one that was associated with dirty long hair high freaks. This show showed a different breed of America could bring up the subject - destroying of the enviroment - and sending the message in an entertaining way.