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  • Finding Canadian product: video door monitor. HELP PLEASE

    Help please.

    They no longer play this show in my area and I am trying to remember what the name of the product was they often promoted.

    It was a video door monitor that recorded on a hard drive all the activity as well as time and date stamped all visitors to the home - even if they didn't ring the door bell. Could someone please tell me the proper name of the product. If it isn't available in Canada, is there an equivalency I could consider.

  • The Absolute Best TV Show... Ever!

    This show started it all for me--at 13 years old, I was swept away by the hot, suave, Alexander Mundy--the "thief who wasn't really a bad guy." I was beyond elated when it finally came out in dvd, but while I was waiting, I wrote my own 3-book series--kind of an updated version, but with my own characters. REQUISITION FOR: A THIEF. Book 1, A Diamond for the Taking will be out and available at in March 2012, Book 2 to follow in the fall. My series, just like "It Takes a Thief," (and unlike the new cable series "White Collar") revolves around the thief being brought into a covert espionage team--literally to steal for the U.S. government.

    All kudos to Roland Kibbee--this created gem was the highest form of brilliance!
  • A wonderful show that keeps on giving those warm, wonderful, delightful feelings we look for in a TV series.

    This is an absolutely wonderful series, especially the last season when the threat of prison no longer exists. Honestly, the highest praise I give for a series is "Outstanding, let's have a remake!" and I give it to "It Takes a Thief." I don't want to see a corny remake, but a serious one. One along the lines of "White Collar," which actually one could consider to be a "It Takes a Thief" remake, but on a more low key energy plain.

    I realize this review is late to the game, as the series has been over for awhile. "Me Too," a local Chicago TV station is replying the third season and with it a flood of old first run memories from when I was a kid are coming back. If after 40 years the positive memories come back, the series really was that good. If you get a chance watch some of the "It Takes a Thief" episodes (especially the third season with Fred Astaire) and while you're at it fire up the DVR and add "White Collar" as the modern day version.
  • Just out on Parole from the San Jobel prison to work for the SIA. All a tongue in cheek spoof from the time appropriate late 60s. A shot at the Bonds, CIA, Prison reform and general morals of the times.

    Al Mundy by Robert Wagner the parolee with class, style and unmatched talent, with the exception of his father, Fred Astaire who was introduced in the last season to bolster ratings i think.
    I remember when the show came out, scam, con and hustle type shows were hot. Having tv where a crook could get away with a caper was new. The Hayes doctrine stretched to tv and morals and virtue were in movies and tv shows. We were waiting for some of the good guy, robin hood types to be able to get away with some of their crimes particularly when the government or big business was the victim.
    Al could climb up the sides of buildings break into any safe known to man and charm the jewels right off the necks of the hot society ladies. He had charm and finesse.
    I miss that kind of fantasy, harmless capers saving western civilization with one masterful theft. I am glad it is available on Hulu. It isnt the most inventive and does get a bit repetitive but it was cut to only 3 seasons. I had looked for it prior to Hulu and couldnt locate it, even for sale on dvd. there were some vhs episodes but they werent of great quality.
    There were 67 or 69 episodes lots of stars from the golden age of the silver screen got to guest on the show so getting to rewatch them now some 40years after seeing them for the first time is a treat for me. I was an impressionable youth late teens and took to heart some of the wisdom imparted by the suave cat burgler who was able to fool so many foreign police agencies with his disguises which all looked alike to even me as a kid. Wagner did not posess the skills of some of the more talented character actors but still could pull off the show using his one accent and harsh whisper voice to be a german, russian, brit or whatever and his coveralls, moustache and cap made him any nationality. Very low brow for sure but for some reason he made it work for lots of us.
    thanks to hulu and hope netflix can get it or alpha or some house will take over and release the dvds
  • A fun show to watch, after a while it is a bit repetitive.

    This WAS a very interesting show when I first watched it. I watched it almost every night because I loved it so much. After the first week, I kept on receiving the same thing. Pick house, break in, doesn't get caught, takes things, family upset, confront burglar, new alarm, try again, YAY! It is the same every episode. It is a wonderful, fresh, and fun new show but seriously needs some tuning around the new events list.
  • A classic and fun show...

    I remember my sister and I watching this show back in the day, fascinated by some of the antics. This was probably the main show that made me a Robert Wagner fan and I proceeded to seek out anything that he was in. Malachi Throne, as a prolific character actor, added alot of gravity to the show, and of course, what could one say about Fred Astaire? Ironically, Fred would later guest star in a Battlestar Galactica episode in a similar role mentoring new-found son Starbuck in the...ahem.... arts.

    Interestingly, this type of drafting of criminals to work for the gov't formula would occur over and over in network television and it seems that this show helped to further typecast Wagner into the mischievous playboy roles that would populate his later film and television credits.

    What can I say about "It Takes A Thief", the perfect show for a guy who was 15 years old in 1968. It was in the "Top Ten" in 1970, why did it go off the air? It wouldn't have anything to do with Christina Sinatra? Is this why I have yet to see my favorite TV show released on DVD? When will this come out on DVD!!!. The perfect new show would be Robert Wagner as Al Mundy and Michael Weatherly from NCIS as his son. Have you noticed how much these have that same smile?
  • Fred Astaire!!!!!!

    This show had a lot of style. Robert Wagner starred as Alexander Mundy, a high-class cat burglar who was doing time. A secret government agency offered to get him out, if he would come and steal for them. Malachi Throne played Mundy's handler, Noah Bain. There was excellent chemistry between the two as they carried out their various assignments. In season two, Mundy was out from under house arrest and his contact was Wallie Powers. But the big news was that Fred Astaire came aboard as Mundy's father, Alister. The old gentleman was a retired master thief and helped out his son on his capers. Filmed in Europe, this show was slick and smooth all the way.
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