It Takes a Thief - Season 3

ABC (ended 1970)




Episode Guide

  • Project "X"
    Episode 24
    Al must protect Professor Moses, a nuclear scientist, and his documents, during a special flight with only eight passengers, to Melbourne, where an important conference will be held with five of the world's top scientists. However, when the in-flight film starts, "The Man" in the film, puts all five scientists on trial for murder, for their country's crimes against the Earth, finds them guilty, and sentences them all to die. As the film describes the crimes of each scientist, each scientist dies every hour, on the hour, one by one. Al finally figures out that everyone on the flight has been poisoned with time capsules, and that the deaths are being triggered by sound waves from a control device that is somewhere on the plane. The problem is that Al has only five minutes left to find this device and disarm it, before it triggers the poison in his system!moreless
  • 3/16/70
    Devon busts into Al's apartment, there's a fight, and while holding Al at gunpoint, Devon says to him, "You traitor, you dirty traitor." Devon takes Al to headquarters where Mr. Jack charges him with treason. The evidence: a Swiss bank account with $253,000 in Al's name, notes, audio and film of Al meeting Nilo Cranodj, who is brought in and points out Al as his S.I.A. contact. Al becomes a wanted man as he escapes to find out who set him up, and to discredit the evidence against him. Al finds Stanley, and gets him to admit that he did the job of framing Al for $20,000, and was paid by members of the Karenian embassy. Al breaks into the embassy and finds evidence-implicating Devon, but he is shot as he escapes. Al makes his way to an old friend of his and his father's, Mike, who gets Al a doctor for his gunshot wound. Later on, Mr. Jack tracks down Al and tells Al that his only chance to get out of this is to help trap the real double agent, as the real spy wants Al dead because Al knows he's really innocent. As Mr. Jack leaves, Al asks him, "When did you know I was innocent?" Mr. Jack smiles and says, "When I first saw the evidence."moreless
  • 3/9/70
    After sitting through three performances of the Bogino Brothers Traveling Circus, Alister tells Al that he, Al, and Funello are taking over the show and that they are all going into the traveling circus business, Alister bought them out. King Armand of Mordera, one of Alister's oldest and dearest friends, asked him to come to his country incognito, which is why they need a good cover. The King, who's in danger of being killed by General Contell, wants Alister and Al to save his eleven-year-old daughter's life. Al just has one question, what are they going after that requires so much preparation? Alister tells him "it is something quite challenging, quite challenging. We're going to steal a Princess!"moreless
  • 3/2/70
    A bookseller with a diary of a WW II Nazi general is murdered. The diary describes where to find a list of a dozen Nazi war criminals that remained anonymous. That list is on the back of a Matisse painting of Suzie Simone. Wally wants Al to steal this painting before Kraus does but it is in Suzie's cafe basement protected by the Wexler alarm system, the best there is, and outside of his father, Al doesn't know anybody who ever beat it.moreless
  • To Sing a Song of Murder
    Mr. Jack assigned Al to keep an eye on a rock group that just toured the country of Rugeria. After the group left Rugeria, Marilyn Lee, the group's lead singer, and a close friend of Al's, was supposedly killed in a plane crash, her body burned up without a trace. Al was one of the last people to see her alive. Later, she turns up very much alive at Al's apartment, where she tells Al that when she died, she couldn't find a place to live! She tells Al that the Rugerian Secret Service blackmailed her into adding three chords into her last recording. In the meantime, Mr. Jack discovers that there is a plot to assassinate the Rugerian president, who just announced a 25 year co-existence pact with the U.S., upon his arrival in the U.S. Back at his apartment, Al figures out that the three chords added to the song are actually a sonic trigger that when played will shatter, and detonate, a bomb that is made out of a glass sculpture. Al has to get to the hotel were the president is staying and find the bomb before it goes off!moreless
  • Situation Red
    Episode 19
    Major Arlin McCoy, Chief of Security at a secret government installation is prescribed medication, steroids, that has a side effect of paranoia, and is told to leave the base by the doctor. General Wiley receives orders that there will be a complete test of the President's Unified Nuclear Control Station, under simulated war conditions. Before he can leave, the Major is told something "big" is going to happen, and is asked to stay on the base. In the meantime, Major McCoy has been overdosing on the medication and thinks the situation is real. He decides to take control by force, and locks himself in the President's war room. He hits the button to override the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and is now running the show from the President's chair. Now, the only way to recall the B-52 bombers is from that room. While this is going on, members of the S.I.A., including Devon, were on a tour of the facility. Devon suggests that they blow the door to get the Major out. The General tells Devon that the room was built to withstand a regiment of enemy troops and was built by the worlds prime bank manufacturers; it's literally a bank vault. Devon has Al brought to the base. Devon tells the General he might have a way to get the door open. Al is given thirty minutes to open the door, but before he can finish, the General decides to blow the door, but it doesn't work. Devon convinces the Major that the President is there and that Al is his #1 Secret Service agent and has to check the room before the President can go in. The Major opens the door and Al has less than two minutes to hit the automatic mission recall button and prevent World War III.moreless
  • Fortune City
    Episode 18
    Al and Mona are driving on a road from Las Vegas to L.A., when she sees a jackrabbit on the road. She grabs the steering wheel, and causes the car to crash in old western town called Fortune City. During the crash, Al gets a cut on his head, and while trying to fix the car, passes out. Meanwhile, Mona explores the town, goes into the saloon, opens the wrong door, and disappears. Al regains consciousness in the morning and is greeted by Harvey Galishaw. Al asks him if he's seen a girl, Mona, but Harvey denies it. He tries to convince Al that there never was a Mona, that the bump on his head from the crash caused him to imagine her. Al finds proof in the saloon that Mona was really there, and realizes that Harvey is trying to get rid of him, so after Harvey fixes the car, Al drives off, only to double-back that night to try to rescue Mona. Al finds Mona but they both get caught trying to escape and are tied up. After getting loose, Al overhears Harvey's plans. There is an underground atomic test planned near Fortune City, and Harvey plans to use plastic explosives and a transmitter to explode a charge right above the test as it goes off. If this happens, the blast will go into the air and it will give the other side an excuse to start atmospheric atomic testing again. Al can't let this happen, so he has to blow the transmitter before it's too late!moreless
  • Touch of Magic
    Episode 17
    A doctor tells Al that an old friend of his, Bessie Grindle, is destitute, in a charity ward, and has lost the will to live. He tells Al that she should get back to working at whatever she used to do, so Al tells him that Bessie Grindle "was the greatest female jewel thief that ever lived". In order to get Bessie back on her feet, and knowing that she won't take charity, Al finds Bessie and tells her that he's there on business. Al tells her that he need's her, that he's got a caper going, a big one, but he can't pull it off alone, he needs her "magic touch".moreless
  • 1/19/70
    Wally gets one of the greatest drivers in the world, P.K. Rhodes, to train Al to go undercover as Paul Stratford, a Formula One race car driver, so he can get invited by Paolo Monteggo, the vice president of the Republic of Cordona, to Cordona's First Annual Grand Prix Race. The S.I.A. suspects Monteggo and the Soviets of building missile silos in Cordona, but Cordona's official government position is that they are building an extensive grain storage complex. The S.I.A. needs proof of their theory, so Al must find and steal Monteggo's final phase blueprint and show it to Cordona's pro-American president, in order to prevent Monteggo from seizing power as soon as that complex is finished.moreless
  • Nice Girls Marry Stockbrokers
    In Paris, a girl as a favor to her roommate Yvonne, Al's contact, meets Al at the airport. He poses as the girl's fiancée, a stockbroker. When they go to meet Yvonne, she's already dead. Al has to find a codebook, the method of transmission and Yvonne's killer. The S.I.A. suspects the codes are being transmitted during fashion shows at Maison Trion.moreless
  • The Scorpio Drop
    The Scorpio Drop
    Episode 14
    Al is sent undercover impersonating Adrian Mason, an astrologer, in order to infiltrate "Casa Tarot", where he has to retrieve a micro-module containing top-secret information that is now in the possession of a group known as the "Order of the Golden Key". They are celebrating "winter solstice" at Casa Tarot and have sealed it off from the rest of the world for 24 hours.moreless
  • To Lure a Man
    Episode 13
    Al comes home with a date, Ellen Peters, only to find that Technikov, a top Russian agent and the head of the Russian S.I.A have infiltrated his apartment. He wants Al to steal a man, Mr. Jack, the head of the S.I.A.. Technikov gets Mr. Jack to call Al asking about a fake document, a Berlin attack plan, information that Al supposedly held out from a vault he opened in the U.S.S.R.'s East German embassy on his last S.I.A. assignment. This is part of Technikov's plan to lure Mr. Jack to Al's apartment in order to kidnap him and smuggle him back to Russia in a steamer trunk. Technikov forces Al to tell Mr. Jack that he'll turn over the "information" to him if he brings $500,000 in cash to his apartment, and Al tells Mr. Jack he must come alone. When Mr. Jack calls to tell Al that he has the money ready, Al tells him, "Don't forget, I was trained by Richie Harris, I know every twist and double-cross that ever was invented!" Technikov realizes that Al was trying to tell Mr. Jack something, but Al tells him that, "If I was, it didn't work."moreless
  • 12/11/69
    Mr. Miles of British Intelligence, requests Al's help to find a microdot, containing a secret political agreement between China and the United Arab Republic, which was hidden by a murdered spy in the Volrs Museum, in East Berlin. Al is given help from Mollie Taylor, an elderly art lover and British spy, who knows the art museum inside and out. Al steals the microdot and gets out of East Berlin, but Mollie is captured during the escape by Herr Hoffman and is held in prison. Mr. Miles and Wally, who won't help, consider Molly expendable but nothing will stop Al from getting her out. Al calls Mollie's friend, Mr. Blanton, to help him with a plan that will take a lot of nerve. Al is "arrested" and taken to the prison, and then he and Mollie are "transferred" out of the prison by Mr. Blanton, pretending to be a higher authority. The only problem left is how to get across the border, and Al tells Mollie they're going to use the oldest trick of them all, they'll bribe the guard!moreless
  • 12/4/69
    The Soviets want Alister and Alexander dead, as revenge for what they did to their counterfeiting operation, 18 months ago. To prove his loyalty, Redman is told to do the job. Al and his father go underground and wait for the next hit and when they are reported dead, the Soviets begin their scheme to invest a billion dollars in gold in the U.S. stock market, through Redman.moreless
  • A Friend in Deed
    Episode 10
    In Rome, Guido, an old friend of Al's, stole the "Sorician File", which contains the name and thumbprint of every major member of the Sorician "Brotherhood". He is in trouble with them now and hopes that Al will help get him out of it. To avoid being killed by Vale, Guido confesses to him that he knows who "really" stole the file, and says it was "Mundy, Alexander Mundy!"moreless
  • The King of Thieves
    Al is suffering from a concussion and memory loss and was the last person to see a senatorial candidate's daughter alive. The candidate's campaign will use information they have on Al to blame the S.I.A. for her disappearance. Al makes a deal with "The King of Thieves", who sends all his men to search Rome for the girl and in return for this favor, Al steals the priceless "Sword of San Angelo" for him.moreless
  • 11/13/69
    Al is in Milan, where the wanted wife of the murdered Prince of Kong Har is hiding out. The S.I.A. wants to get her to neutral Switzerland, before the real killer, a power hungry general who hates the U.S., finds her, extradites her back to Kong Har, and puts her on trial for murder, using the trial for communistic propaganda against the U.S.moreless
  • 11/6/69
    Al is sent to Rome to watch over the Three Virgins of Rome, three paintings by Raphael worth 15 million dollars that have been reunited and are being publicly displayed together for the first time in over a century. After the showing, the paintings are being formally turned over to the United States by Oliver Kent. The S.I.A. suspects that most of the money Kent collects to benefit various charities, ends up in his own Swiss bank account, so Al has to find out if Kent is planning anything devious. Coincidentally, Alister is also in Rome and he, "Le Panther", is temporarily stepping out of retirement to steal the Three Virgins of Rome, because one of the paintings on display was actually stolen from Alister, by Kent, and Alister wants it back. The heist is on until Alister learns from the Inspector that Al is in Rome to protect the paintings, so Alister calls off the job. However, Al finds out that Kent plans to steal the paintings, and frame Alister for the theft, so he knows that the one and only shot at saving the paintings, is his father. Al calls Alister on the phone and asks him for a favor. Al asks, "Father, would you mind picking up some paintings for me?" and Alister answers with surprise, "Certainly son!"moreless
  • 10/30/69
    Al must go to Budapest to rescue Dover, who's been kidnapped and drugged and is being forced to divulge S.I.A. secrets. After discussions at the "highest" level, the S.I.A. either sends Alexander Mundy to get Dover out safely, or they send someone else, to silence him permanently!
  • 10/23/69
    While trying to enjoy a fishing trip, Al meets up with Laurie, an old friend, who gets him mixed up with her trying to get safely to Rome. The S.I.A. is after her as they suspect she is delivering information to an agent who works for the other side, a man who set her up, a man she fell in love with, because he was the only man to ever give her flowers.moreless
  • The Great Casino Caper
    Wally wants Al to hit the Banco de Casino, where Eric the Red, the biggest all-night banker in the world, is passing counterfeit money. The S.I.A. wants to find the source of this money by forcing Redman to speed up his timetable for distribution. To even have a chance of pulling off the job, Al needs help from the greatest thief who ever lived, his father.moreless
  • 10/9/69
    Al is sent to the island of Capri to meet with a defecting general who plans to divulge information on Soviet anti-missile deployment projections. In order to keep the general's new identity secret, all regular S.I.A. personnel are being kept away from him and he'll pass on the second half of the information to the one man in the S.I.A. who is uniquely capable of mingling with the beautiful people, Alexander Mundy.moreless
  • Who'll Bid Two Million Dollars?
    In Porto Ercolle, Al is mugged, drugged and almost drowned when he makes contact with some buyers of plutonium and they mistake him for an operator named George. It turns out they are all looking to meet with George. George, an unknown thief, is responsible for a dozen unsolved major thefts in the last five years and is really Janet Martin. She is selling 5 grams of stolen plutonium, and is holding out for the highest bidder. Wally wants Al to find out where the plutonium is, get it back, and if possible, get George, but the plutonium comes first!moreless
  • Saturday Night in Venice
    Al steals a computer memory core, the key to the entire military coding complex, from the Russian consulate. The Russians want it back. Lita, a Soviet assassin, slips a complex protein poison into Al's drink which gives Al less than 40 hours to live. Al finds Dover to make a deal to give back the memory core for the antidote, but Washington refuses, so Al does whatever he has to do to live, even if it means stealing the memory core back from the S.I.A. and giving it back to the Russians himself.moreless