It Takes a Thief

Season 1 Episode 11

To Steal a Battleship

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Mar 26, 1968 on ABC

Episode Recap

Al arrives at the airport in Denmark, expecting to be picked up in Noah's limo. However, before he can reach the limo, he is waylaid by an unknown woman, the Blonde, who gives him a kiss. She tells him that the man in the phone booth behind him has a gun pointed at him and will use it unless he does what they want. They escort him back into the airport and put him on a plane to Geneva.

After the limo driver reports to Noah that Al has departed for Geneva, Al makes his appearance nonetheless and explains that he got off the plane in the rear. Noah tells Al that his assignment is to steal important NATO plans from a crooked diplomat, Mr. Bjornsen, before he can sell them to the enemy. They are somewhere in his huge villa. There are only a few days until the enemy courier will arrive and the plans will be gone and in the enemy's hands. The plans don't show where the safe is, but indicate it's in a room with a golden model of a Viking longboat.

Al's SIA contact in town is the lovely Irena Damos. He is to carry the collected works of Euripides, which will identify him to the young lady. They make contact and the all-business Irene falls to fall for Al's flirtations. He spots the Blonde passing by in a swimsuit and follows her to the pool. He threatens to throw her into the pool and ruin her designer swimsuit unless she identifies her accomplice. She points him out and they go to meet him. It is Al's old burgling acquaintance, George Palmer. But Palmer has a gun and forces Al to sit down. He then explains that he plans to steal the Bjornsen necklace. Al suggests they go in together, since George has the plans to the villa that he needs to find the safe with the plans, but George insists he'll work alone and takes off

Al gets Noah to send some of his agents to whisk George off to Geneva. The agents pose as policeman and take George off. That allows Al to search George's hotel room and take the plans. But, George has slipped his fake policemen by calling in the real police. He arrives back at his room and a fight ensues. Al wins and forces George to accept him as a partner.

George and Al start out the next day for the villa, having agreed to work together. But George breaks the alliance, ties Al up and dumps him on the road to the villa. At the villa, Irena wonders where Al could be. George and the Blonde have arrived but there is no sign of Al. Al manages to free himself and climbs the wall into the villa, meeting up with Irena. Al knows that George has disabled the alarm system and gone to the room with the safe, but doesn't know which one so he removes George's block on the security system setting off the alarm. The guards rush to the room containing the safe, revealing to Al which one it is. Al climbs up to the room, enters and knocks out, Dmitri, the one guard still in the room.

Al opens the safe and takes out the necklace. He also finds a golden paddle and realizes that the plans must be in the longboat. Inserting the paddle, Al opens a compartment in the model and takes out the plans. He returns below but George is waiting for him and George takes the necklace at gunpoint and runs off. Al points out his retreating figure to Bjornsen and returns to the main room after slipping the plans to Irena.

As Al is leaving from the airport, the Blonde and George come up and pick Al's pocket for his ticket. George reveals that he had to drop the necklace to slow down his pursuit and barely managed to escape. He doesn't even have plane fare. George boards the plane with Al's ticket, and the Blonde tells Al that they tricked him. Al responds that he knew they took the ticket and is glad to have been left behind to enjoy the favors of the Blonde.

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