It Takes a Thief

Season 3 Episode 13

To Lure a Man

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Al comes home with a date, Ellen Peters, only to find that Technikov, a top Russian agent and the head of the Russian S.I.A have infiltrated his apartment. He wants Al to steal a man, Mr. Jack, the head of the S.I.A.. Technikov gets Mr. Jack to call Al asking about a fake document, a Berlin attack plan, information that Al supposedly held out from a vault he opened in the U.S.S.R.'s East German embassy on his last S.I.A. assignment. This is part of Technikov's plan to lure Mr. Jack to Al's apartment in order to kidnap him and smuggle him back to Russia in a steamer trunk. Technikov forces Al to tell Mr. Jack that he'll turn over the "information" to him if he brings $500,000 in cash to his apartment, and Al tells Mr. Jack he must come alone. When Mr. Jack calls to tell Al that he has the money ready, Al tells him, "Don't forget, I was trained by Richie Harris, I know every twist and double-cross that ever was invented!" Technikov realizes that Al was trying to tell Mr. Jack something, but Al tells him that, "If I was, it didn't work."moreless
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