It Takes Two (1982)

ABC (ended 1983)


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It Takes Two (1982)

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A surgeon and his lawyer wife have a difficult time juggling their careers and home life. At home they have to cope with the occurrences of their two teenage children, a boy and and a girl, as well as the zany adventures of the grandmother. The theme song was written by George Tipton, entitled, "Where Love Spends the Night", and sang by Paul Williams and Crystal Gayle (2 versions were recorded and aired at different stages of the series). Tipton wrote the theme song to many comedies of that era, including NBC's "Nurses". Lyrics: "Where Love Spends the Night" Show me your future and I'll show you mine We saw love at first sight You found a home with a view in my arms That's where love spends the night Off to the Races and off to the moon Passionate love can be over so soon How many times have we lost it and then Hopelessly fallin' in love once again Show me your future, I'll show you mine That's where love spends the nightmoreless