It Takes Two (1982) - Season 1

ABC (ended 1983)


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Episode Guide


  • Instinct
    Episode 22
  • The Suit
    The Suit
    Episode 21
  • Mother and Child Reunion
  • Molly's Best Friend
  • Only When You Laugh
  • Inside Lisa Quinn
  • Swan Song
    Swan Song
    Episode 16
  • Rhythm Blues
    Rhythm Blues
    Episode 15
  • Lying Down on the Job
  • Looks Bad, Feels Good
  • The Choice
    The Choice
    Episode 12
    Sam and Molly's closest friends are faced with a life-or-death choice.
  • Anniversary
    Episode 11
  • Mister Molly Quinn
  • An Affair to Remember
    Sam is treating a wealthy, attractive patient who has fallen for him. He tries to explain that it is just a typical reaction for a patient to fall in love with their doctor, but she won't hear of it. She invites him out to dinner and reminds him that she always gets every man she has wanted. Meanwhile, Molly is becoming worried that her husband is having an affair because she has found lipstick on his collar, Sam has become ok with her working long hours, and someone hangs up everytime she answers the phone. Caroline tries to curb her fears but Molly is compelled to visit a restaurant to check up on her husband after finding a note in his pocket from a woman named Marcella iniviting him out. Donning a black wig, Molly finagles the table next to theirs and hears her husband tell the woman that he is deeply in love--with his wife. The woman leaves and Sam tries to comfort this strange woman at the table next to his sobbing. He finds that it is his wife, and they kiss.moreless
  • A Healthy Romance
  • Andy and the Older Woman
    Molly is in a tizzy over Andy's relationship with a much older woman.
  • Hello, I Must Be Going
  • Heartbreak
    Episode 5
    Lisa reluctanly agrees to sit in on a dinner with her father's oldest friend and son and is instantly smitten with the young man. They begin a whirlwind courtship which results in Lisa confiding to parents that she is ready to let herself really like someone for the first time. While at lunch with the man and another couple, the man hits on Lisa's best friend while Lisa is away from the table, inviting her to go to the Springsteen concert instead of Lisa, whom he has already invited. The night of the concert finds Lisa disappointed as her date has come down with a virus, but Andy tells her that he spotted the boy at the concert with Lisa's best friend. After a cry with her mother and a discussion about her mother's past bad experience with a cad, Lisa confronts the man and ends up slugging him in the jaw when he tries to make light of it and invites her to dinner.moreless
  • Promises in the Dark
    Sam and Molly are both preoccupied with his sudden impotence.
  • Death Penalty
    Death Penalty
    Episode 3
    Molly is anxious to take on a case involving a notorious murderer of six women in Chicago, dubbed "Ladykiller". Sam's opinions as a surgeon who saves lives everyday conflicts with that of his wife's, who would advocate public executions. During trial, the mother of the accused tries to appeal to Molly's maternal side by relaying a story of how her son in basically a good boy but is a bit mental, hearing voices since he was very young. Molly will not sway her opinions of the death penalty and explains that he took the life of sixe women and he must be stopped. Meanwhile, Sam is preoccupied with having to perform yet another operation on a dignified man (Scatman Crothers) who is now facing an eighth operation to stay alive. Back at home, Sam must confort his wife after the jury hands down the death sentence. Being supportive, he tells her that the job of God is already taken. Alone, Molly hears the words of the jury foreman again in her mind saying death by electrocution and tears swell in her eyes.moreless
  • Turnabout
    Episode 2
  • Sam and Molly
    Sam and Molly
    Episode 1
    Sam, a successful surgeon, becomes frustrated that his wife, Molly, a newly appointed D.A., is too busy to spend more time with him and falls to sleep on him during lovemaking. In an attempt to change this, he forces her to choose between their marriage and her budding career. When she cannot choose, he moves out. His son, Andy, a college student, tries to reconcile his parents and confronts his father about being judgemental of his life, and his father realizes that he is following the way his own father judged him and promises to change. Molly's aging mother offers a zany story to bring the two together and they realize that compromise is the answer.moreless
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