It Takes Two

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  • Season 3
    • Season 3, Episode 10 - Grand Final
      Julia Morris. Russell Robertson. Both have been great competitors, and arguably the best two singers from all the seasons of the show. Tonight they go head-to-head and one of them will be crowned the winner of It Takes Two. Who will take the glory? Who will be runner-up?

      Tonight they must each sing three songs, and all of the other eight competitors return for tonight's final, and each will sing a small piece. The Supreme's Mary Wilson and Human Nature perform "River Deep, Mountain High," while Dannii Minogue sings "Xanadu."moreless
    • Season 3, Episode 9
      It's semi-final time, and the second last episode of the series as the three strongest singers battle it out to make it into next week's grand final. All three deserve to be there, but which one will miss out? Will it be Virginia Gay? Or Russell Robertson? Or could it even be Julia Morris, the only competitor never to have been in the bottom two placings on their combined total?moreless
    • Season 3, Episode 8
      With only four couples left, the competition is getting tight. There is hardly anything separating the top three couples of Virginia Gay and Ian Moss, Russell Robertson and Kate Ceberano, and Julia Morris and David Hobson, while Paul O'Brien and Jade MacRae remain viewer favourites.
    • Season 3, Episode 7
      Only five couples from the initial ten remain in the competition. Tonight they all have to sing the one genre of song they have not covered so far. How will they perform? Will Paul O'Brien finally receieve a good mark? Will Candice Falzon continue to improve? And who will be eliminated?moreless
    • Season 3, Episode 6
      Six celebrities remain in the competition. Who will make it to the top half? And who will fall away? Will it be Paul O'Brien, ranked last with the judges for the last three weeks, yet never being in the bottom two? Or will it be Sara Groen, bottom two last week, left stationary, while the others return better results each week? What about Candice Falzon? She seems to alternate between good and bad performances each week, and last week was a good performance. Or could it even be Virginia Gay, early favourite, now falling in the rankings as those around her improve? Julia Morris and Russell Robertson should be safe based on past performances, but stranger things have happened.moreless
    • It Takes Two: Countdown To The Finals
      Grant Denyer interviews the top six celebrities and their partners as they reflect on the first few weeks of competition and their hopes for what is to come.
    • Season 3, Episode 5
      Three eliminations, and three male celebrities have made their exit. Now only two men are left. How will they fare against the five women? And will it be another man facing the axe at the end of the night, especially considering that Paul O'Brien has come last with the judges for the last couple of weeks? While on the judges, judge Ross Wilson was missing tonight, due to outside committments, and was replaced by the talented Dannii Minogue. Will she be generous on the judging panel? Or will she be severe? This week's singing style was 1980's, complete with photos of all the cast, including the judges and hosts, of themselves in the 1980's.moreless
    • Season 3, Episode 4
      The eight remaining celebrities have been working hard on their choosen song during the week, and the week didn't go without incident. All Saints actress Virginia Gay was involved in a car accident over the weekend, but fortunately didn't receive any injuries. Will it hamper her performance tonight, however? How will Home And Away actor Paul O'Brien go this week, following receiving the worst score of the season last week? Will Chloe Maxwell end up in the bottom two for the third consectutive week? Has giving the nightly weather reports from the It Takes Two studio given Sara Groen a leg-up on the competition? And how will the four other celebrities fare? And more importantly, who will fail to make the cut to the next round?

      This week's singing styles are Rock 'n' Roll and Ballad.moreless
    • Season 3, Episode 3
      Last week the top five singers were separated by only a single point. The competition is getting fierce, and it is only week three. The judges, too, have stated that they will become harsher critics to cope with the higher standard of performers this series. Who, in this extremely close competition, will be the next to fall?

      This week's singing styles are Country and Movies/Musical.moreless
    • Season 3, Episode 2
      Tonight on It Takes Two sees the first elimination of the series. Who will be first to go? And how will Virginia Gay go this week, after scoring a perfect 10 from Ross Wilson last week? This week's singing styles are Rock and Soul/R&B.
    • Season 3, Episode 1
      A brand new series of It Takes Two begins, with host Grant Denyer joined once again with a new co-host in Erica Heynatz. Tonight we get to meet the new contestants and see which of them, if any, have any singing talents. If they don't, you can bet that the judges will make that fact very clear to them.

      The celebrity contestants for the third season are Paul O'Brien (Home And Away), Chloe Maxwell (Presenter/Mum), Scott Draper (Professional Tennis/Golf Player), Virginia Gay (All Saints), Julia Morris (Comedian), John Mangos (Sky News Anchor), Sara Groen (Television Presenter/Channel Seven Weather Presenter), Mark Wilson (Dancing With The Stars Judge), Candice Falzon (Ironwoman), and Russell Robertson (Melbourne Demons AFL Football Player).

      There are also three new professional singers added to the line-up; Ian Moss, Ricki-Lee Coulter and Adam Harvey. The other seven are Rachael Beck, David Hobson, Jade MacRae, Wendy Matthews, Kate Ceberano, Anthony Callea and David Campbell. This week's singing styles are Pop and Swing.moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 1