Itazura na Kiss

Chiba TV (ended 2008)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Hello Again
      Hello Again
      Episode 25
      Naoki, Kotoko, and their daughter, Kotomi all go on a train-trip to Naoki's grandparents' house. On the ride over Naoki reminisces about Kotoko's and his first trip there. It wasn't a very nice vacation for Kotoko, though. Naoki's extended family definitely doesn't care for her.
    • Happy Love Carnival
      It's a couple months later and Kotoko is near her time. Fertility must be in the air or something because Chris is pregnant too! Kotoko can't really get too many words in, though, because Naoki is focusing on writing a very important thesis. The thesis is also the reason why Kotoko doesn't tell Naoki about her health problems she has been experiencing.moreless
    • You, Go Around, Me
      You, Go Around, Me
      Episode 23
      Kotoko and Naoki are going to be parents! However, even though everyone is excited, Kotoko still is insecure. See, her coworkers made the mistake of saying that married men usually have affairs when their wives are pregnant which lead Kotoko to practically stalking Naoki. Meanwhile, Kinnosuke is finally going to marry Chris! However, they can only go so far with opposing parents…moreless
    • The Best Gift
      The Best Gift
      Episode 22
      It's Kotoko's birthday and she plans to celebrate it with Naoki even if it kills her. However, he isn't too thrilled about this whole birthday party business, but Kotoko gets her way anyway. So, she finally gets him to agree, but what happens if she's late for her own party? It seems like everything is becoming an obstacle she must face to spend the day alone with Naoki.moreless
    • The Glass Boy
      The Glass Boy
      Episode 21
      The famous model/actor Nobuhiro is at the hospital where Kotoko and Naoki work. His nice exterior definitely doesn't match his personality, but Kotoko will be sure to try and change that since Nobuhiro turns out to be an old time friend.
    • The Nightingale Pledge
      Kotoko is experiencing the first negative side effect of being Naoki's wife: High expectations. She gets drafted into being the representative of the nurse capping ceremony because everything thinks she is similar to Naoki in smartness. Of course, Kotoko wouldn't mind so much if Naoki would just give her flowers on that day like everyone else, but he has to be at a meeting. Also, Moto wanted to be the representative, but they wouldn't let him since he is a boy which leads Kotoko to devising yet another scheme.moreless
    • Crazy For You
      Crazy For You
      Episode 19
      Keita and Kotoko are becoming closer which makes Naoki extremely jealous. In Naoki's fit, he completely and totally blows off everything Kotoko says or does. Keita puts the idea in Kotoko's head that Naoki doesn't love her too, so their relationship is a little shaky. Meanwhile, Chris gets a horrible scar from cooking and now believes she is unmarriable, and Kinnosuke can convince her otherwise.moreless
    • Ill Mannered Triangle
      Kotoko is getting closer to becoming a nurse step-by-step. With the help of her new partner, Keita, there's no stopping her. Actually, Naoki's jealousy just might. Keita treats Kotoko with much more respect than Naoki does, and Naoki's mother definitely doesn't fail to notice this new possible love interest.
    • Enviable New Face
      Enviable New Face
      Episode 17
      Kotoko pursues her goal of becoming a good wife to Naoki by trying to be a nurse. On her first day of nurse school, she meets four new people, and three of them seemed to be enticed by Naoki! They all talk to her as if she doesn't know who Naoki is, while doing do, curse at his wife. Little do they know, Kotoko is the wife, and she is really having a hard time breaking the news to her new friends.
    • Chasing After Happiness
      Chris is desperate to win over Kinnosuke; however, Kotoko is the only woman he loves. Since Kotoko is never going to love him that way, she decides to throw Kinnosuke a birthday party in hoped of getting Chris and him closer to each other. Meanwhile, Naoki's mother is in a total fuss because Kotoko might be pregnant!moreless
    • Honeymoon Panic!
      Honeymoon Panic!
      Episode 15
      Kotoko and Naoki are finally married and decided to go to Hawaii for their honeymoon. Kotoko has a wild imaginings about how their trip will be. However, her fantasy gets ruined when another married woman on the same tour is determined to break them up and have Naoki all to herself.moreless
    • Strongest Kiss
      Strongest Kiss
      Episode 14
      After Kotoko rejects Kinnosuke, she begins to spiral in a ball of self-hatred. Luckily, Naoki is there to pull her out of her pit of doom. Naoki finally reveals his true feelings for her and promises to make her 5-year dream of a relationship with him a reality.
    • Love Period
      Love Period
      Episode 13
      Naoki brings Chris, his new fiancée, home to meet the family. Ah, his mother doesn't take too kindly to the poor girl in an overt sort of way. Kotoko, however, has more than her fair share of love-drama. Between Naoki's misleadings and Kinnosuke's proposal, Kotoko will never get any peace.
    • Mismatched Hearts
      Mismatched Hearts
      Episode 12
      When Naoki's plans to become a doctor are revealed, his father doesn't react well at all. In fact, he has a heart attack. Thus, Naoki decides to take over his father's company and to do whatever he can to relief his dad's stress. The only problem is that the means he goes by relieving them could end up in marriage! And not only is it marriage, but it's to a perfect stranger. Meanwhile, Kotoko tries to replace Naoki will Kinnusuke.moreless
    • Dream Kiss Kiss Kiss
      Naoki begins thinking about what he wants to do with his life and about the future of the family business. For spring break, Kotoko and Sudou go to Romance Village to be closer to Naoki and Matsumoto. However, the experience isn't as "romantic" as it may seem.
    • So Long, Rainy Day
      So Long, Rainy Day
      Episode 10
      Kotoko's father has decided that him and Kotoko have overstayed their welcome, and so the time has finally come for Kotoko to leave the Irie's! How will Kotoko manage? Has she lost her only advantage to winning Naoki's heart!?
    • Aim for a Date!
      Aim for a Date!
      Episode 9
      Joining the tennis club turns out to be the worst decision of Kotoko's college life. The grueling practices, the painful injuries and the complete feeling of incompetence would be worth it...if only Naoki would show up to practice!! Meanwhile, Kotoko works up the courage to ask Naoki to the latest "couple's movie", but of course Naoki flat out refuses. Kotoko decides to go to the movie anyway but is shocked to see Naoki there with none other than Yuuko Matsumoto!? Can Kotoko really compete with someone so perfectly matched to Naoki?moreless
    • The Campus Life I've Longed For!?
      The first day of college has finally arrived, but Kotoko can't stop thinking about her first kiss with Naoki! What does this mean for their relationship? Just as she thinks she's finally secured a place in Naoki's heart, an obstacle arises in the form of Yuuko Matsumoto, bishie extraordinaire.
    • Spiteful Kiss
      Spiteful Kiss
      Episode 7
      Graduation has finally arrived for Kotoko and Naoki, and Kotoko is hopeful that their relationship will progress. But things don't go as planned. Naoki seems to be crueler than ever and Kotoko decides to give up on Naoki! But will Naoki let her go?
    • Chocolate, an Exam, and a Jinx
      Valentine's Day is approaching, as well as the University Entrance Exams. Kotoko tries her best to help Naoki succeed but only seems to make things worse. When Kotoko becomes ill on the day of the Tokyo University Exam, Naoki must make a decision between Kotoko's life and his future!
    • Gakebbuchi! Class F's Winter Camp
      Final exams are coming up, and Class F has little hopes of passing them, and thus being able to get into college. However, after Kotoko and her friends get some tutoring by Naoki, the entire Class F wants get tutoring by him. After the midterms, Christmas is coming up, and Kotoko needs to find a present for Naoki, not to mention the money to buy one.moreless
    • Throbbing Summer Vacation
      It's summer vacation, and Naoki's mother is as scheming as ever. From setting it up so they meet at the pool to leaving them alone at home, she isn't short of schemes to get the two high schoolers close to each other.
    • Baton Touch of Love
      The school is having a sports meet, and among the activities is combined boy/girls relay race. This does of course bring up complications. Later, Naoki decides to read Kotoko's love letter, without her knowing. How will Naoki react to it?
    • Living Together is Dangerous
      Naoki wants Kotoko to be quiet about the fact that they are living together. Also, midterms are coming up, and thanks to a revelation from Naoki's mother, Kotoko manages to persuade him into tutoring her. However, this may not be as easy to hide from the others...
    • Mischievious Destiny
      Kotoko Aihara has been in love with Naoki Irie since the first day of high school. However, when she finally musters the courage to confess her love to him, he rejects her. After that, she decides to give up on him. Fate wants it different though, because when Kotoko's house is destroyed in an earthquake, she ends up living together with him.moreless