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Submission Guidelines

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    My anime show submission guidelines

    Show/Episode Cast*: Self-explanatory. Try to add everything you can at once. Also, don't just add all of the Cast members; add the ones who actually appeared in the episode. Try to add Guest Stars as well. While I will accept's Show Cast list as a source, I need an external source for Guest Stars

    Show/Episode Crew*: Add as many as possible. If you're submitting for individual episodes, I'm okay with you using's Show Crew

    Episode title*: Self-explanatory. Titles should be English (rather add the Japanese title as a Note)..

    Episode summary: If possible, keep it between 2 and 6 sentences; that should summarize an episode fairly well. It must not contain any big spoilers, or as few as possible. Oh, and do not submit "Coming Soon!" or something like that in the summary when adding a new episode, okay? That's gaming, and is not allowed. Finally, don't add a summary before the episode airs, unless you get it from

    Episode recap: says the minimum is 100 words. IMO, that's still too little, and I set a minimum of 300 words, preferably longer than that. Remember, it should explain the episode in detail. If you do that, reaching the minimum should not be difficult. I usually write mine between 500 and 1 000 words (example: D. Gray-Man ep. 1).

    Airdate*: Pretty obvious. If the show has had a dub broadcast, use the dub air dates. If not, use the Japanese. If the show is dubbed, I will accept the original Jap. Airdate as a Note.

    Episode number(season): The number the episode has in the current season. If it's the fifth episode in a season, write 5. If it's the twentieth in a season, write 20. Simple.

    Episode number(lifetime): The overall number of an episode. For first the season, this is usually the same number as above. Else, just add the episode number. If you're unsure about it, look at the episode before the one you are editing/adding, and add the number above that one.

    Prod. code: Unless something official has been stated, the prod. code should be added as a three-digit number. The first digit indicates season, and the next two indicate the number in that season. The D. Gray-Man episode list shows an example of this.

    Notes*: Anything interesting about an episode

    The Japanese episode title is acceptable as a Note. Format it like this: Japanese Episode Title: "[Episode title in Romaji writing]" (Title in Japanese letters). Example from Aquarion episode 1: Japanese episode title: Tenshi no Kioku (天翅の記憶)

    Airdates across other large networks aside the one the guide goes by is acceptable as a Note, but keep all info on that in one Note.

    New OP/ED songs is a valid Note as well, like this: "New opening/ending theme: "{song name}" by {singer/band name}." If both the OP and ED theme changed, put that in the same Note. D Gray-Man episode 26 has a good example of this.

    First appearance of characters is also valid as a Note. Must be formatted like: First appearace of: [character name(s)]. Example: Bleach ep. 1

    The corresponding manga chapters, and eventual differences are acceptable Notes as well.

    Quotes: Important/funny/otherwise interesting quotes from the characters, please and thank you. I will rarely accept one-line Quotes, with some exceptions – if it's a good monologue, I might accept it.

    Allusions*: Any reference towards another work of fiction/media; formatted like this:

    [Title of whatever the allusion is from]

    [The action/saying/whatever in the episode that alludes to it]

    Example (happens in School Rumble, ep. 3):

    The Matrix

    When Harima dodges the arrows shot by Tenma, he does it in a way resembling the "bullet-time" scenes from The Matrix.

    Trivia: Any interesting facts happening inside the episode. Screw-ups in the animation, major plot holes/errors, objects going missing all falls under the category of Trivia

    In addition, you should follow standards

    Don't have too many spelling errors in your sub; then I will have to reject. Basically, if I find more than three errors, I will reject, and write in the comment box that you need to check your spelling. If you repeatedly add submissions with spelling errors, I will send you a PM instead, asking you to either stop subbing or get serious about spell-checking. I'm an Editor on an internet site, not a Language teacher reading through my pupils' essays.

    If I've written * after any of the submission types, it means that I require a source for that kind of submission. If you don't give a source, you'd better hope that I know about that particular thing you've added. If I don't I will reject. Also, repeatedly adding such submissions without a source will result in me rejecting them, even though I might know about it. Remember, it's not my job to look for sources, my job is to check whatever sources you give me, and mod it from that.

    Trusted Users: Don't ask to be Trusted; I will decide whether or not you're worthy. If you really dedicate yourself to a guide, I'm probably gonna make you Trusted sooner or later; I think the status of Trusted User should reflect a good contributor, and it's not something I award to the first person getting more than 40 contribution points for a guide.

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