Itazura na Kiss

Chiba TV (ended 2008)





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  • best anime ever

    Love it sooo much !!!
  • Bear with the slow and sometimes frustrating first half, since this is one of those series that rewards loyalty.

    I liked the story of this anime very much because it is one of the few animes that actually go so far as to follow the relationship of the couple after their marriage. this makes it different from most animes which just end ...the story when the two confess to each other or something along that line. However, a warning to all that the story line is somewhat predictable and may bore you in terms of plot. The focus on the relationship makes the main genre of the story romance, which i think is portrayed very well in the show, along with the comedy making the show a fairly enjoyable romantic comedy. Another thing to note is that the story moves at an extremely fast pace from high school to college and then work. This may prove unrealistic but it allows us to see the progress in the relationship between the characters and can be overlooked.

    A mark of a good romance story is that the character development and relationship development are intricately intertwined, and that's certainly the case here. To be perfectly honest, the characters start out as pretty flat: Irie is a stuck-up jerk while Kotoko's obsession of Irie borders on creepy. But once they become a couple, we begin to see different and more likable sides to these characters. By the end of the series both are capable, sympathetic and mature people who have grown up because of each other, and the series frequently points out just how their differences complement each other, and how much better they are as people when they're together. The side couplings also follow similar patterns, but don't get quite as much focus and aren't developed to anywhere near the same extent as the main coupling. Nonetheless, while there's hardly a likable character to begin with, there's hardly an unlikable character by the end. The character development isn't terribly complex, but the fact that they could turn an unpleasant cast of characters into an amiable cast is a feat worth praising.The comedy is sufficiently amusing without being brilliant (except for Irie's mother who steals the show, comedy-wise) and is mostly driven by awkward situation comedy.
  • Cute, cute, cute! Kotoko inspires persistency!

    What can I say? I'm a hardcore shoujo fan. I like romance, a twinge (or a bit more in some cases) of comedy, a nice set of drama mamas, and, of course, loveable characters. Well, Itazura na Kiss definitely doesn't disappoint. Kotoko's quest for Naoki's (Ire) love is so hilarious that it just makes my day. I also have to admit that Naoki was fun to bash in the beginning. I mean, he's such a jerk! But, thanks to one of my favorite things, Character Development, he is now a loveable character as well! I'd have to say that the art is different, but not in a bad way. I quite enjoy how the characters are drawn. The characters are great, and the story line is racy. I love this show and recommend it to everyone who likes shoujo comedies.
  • Kotoko Aihara, a girl has to stay with the person she loves,Naoki Irie! Despite his cold appearence, will Kotoko Aihara win his heart in the end??

    Wow, great anime!! The story is a girl named Kotoko Aihara is in love with Naoki Irie who is in Class A while Kotoko Aihara is in Class F. After being rejected from Naoki while trying to give him her love letter confessing about her love towards Naoki ever Kotoko first saw him, she soons move in to Naoki's house to stay with his family after her house was destroyed in a mile earthquake!! Will Kotoko ever win Naoki's heart in the end?? This is a great anime with lots of funniness, love and many more!! When I first watched this anime, I already loved this anime!! The first episode was a good introduction to the anime!! I really recommend people to watch this anime as it is really good watch!!