Itazura na Kiss

Chiba TV (ended 2008)





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  • Kotoko Aihara, a girl has to stay with the person she loves,Naoki Irie! Despite his cold appearence, will Kotoko Aihara win his heart in the end??

    Wow, great anime!! The story is a girl named Kotoko Aihara is in love with Naoki Irie who is in Class A while Kotoko Aihara is in Class F. After being rejected from Naoki while trying to give him her love letter confessing about her love towards Naoki ever Kotoko first saw him, she soons move in to Naoki's house to stay with his family after her house was destroyed in a mile earthquake!! Will Kotoko ever win Naoki's heart in the end?? This is a great anime with lots of funniness, love and many more!! When I first watched this anime, I already loved this anime!! The first episode was a good introduction to the anime!! I really recommend people to watch this anime as it is really good watch!!