It's a Big Big World

PBS (ended 2007)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Sleepover/The Disappearing Water Hole
      Sleepover: Wartz isn't sure he should go on a sleepover at Smooch and Winslow's because of an oncoming storm.

      The Disappearing Water Hole: Ick won't allow anyone to drink from the water hole because he's afraid the water will disappear.
    • In Good Voice/Wartz's Family Tree
      In Good Voice: When Oko the owl loses his voice, Bob searches for another animal to duplicate his night howl.

      Wartz's Family Tree: Wartz overhears Burdette and Ick discussing their family trees and, afraid he doesn't have one, names a log his family log.
    • Sloth Lessons/The Avocado Queen
      Sloth Lessons: Bob attempts to become carefree by mimicking the most laid back creature he knows, Snook.

      The Avocado Queen: Burdette finds an avocado tree growing where she ditches her avocado pits.
    • Flying Fish/Smooch and Winslow's Songbook
      Flying Fish: Wartz refuses to believe that a fish can fly until Snook clues him into the diversity of the animal world.

      Smooch and Winslow's Songbook: Smooch and Winslow recall their favorite songs, including “Do the Monkey,” “I Want to See Everything,” “Beautiful Baby,” “Jungle Vibrations,” “Living and Growing Together,” “Big World Birthday” and “Family Song.”moreless
    • Big Big Water Hole/Oko's Songbook
      Big Big Water Hole: Jealous that the others seem to have more fun, Ick wants to leave the water hole.

      Oko's Songbook: Oko shares his favorite songs, including “Land Of Discovery,” “I Want to Know,” “Bones,” “You Are Who You Are” and “Take Your Time.”
    • Echoes/A Good Heartbeat
      Echoes: While talking to the ants at Broken Branch Leap, Bob is surprised to hear a voice call to him.

      A Good Heartbeat: After racing Winslow, Wartz hears what he thinks is a drum beating inside of him.
    • Oko's Birthday/Spinning A Tale
      Oko's Birthday: Everyone chips into create a giant fruit basket for Oko's birthday---but Smooch and Winslow eat all of the fruit.

      Spinning A Tale: After seeing a spiderweb, Bob and Wartz try to make a “frogweb” so that Wartz can easily catch flies.
    • Guardians of the Sappenwood Tree/Over the Hills and Far Away
      Guardians of the Sappenwood Tree: While gathering branches for a project, Winslow discovers a tree species that is almost extinct.

      Over the Hills and Far Away: Smooch, who wants to become an explorer, leaves the World Tree in an effort to see the ocean.
    • The Hatch/Sounds of the Forest
      The Hatch: Smooch and Winslow go in search of their eggs after Burdette shows them the egg she hatched from, only to learn later that monkeys don't hatch from eggs.

      Sounds of the Forest: Wartz moves into a new log, but it proves rather noisy, thanks to mysterious whistling and a knocking sound.moreless
    • Eyes and Noses/Snook's Songbook
      Eyes and Noses: When Madge loses her glasses, Smooch and Winslow lead the search for them.

      Snook's Songbook: Snook sings some of his favorite songs, including “Get Up and Get Going,” “Food Food Food,” “Keepers of the Tree,” “The Way of the Sloth,” “How We Get Around,” “We'll Still Be Friends” and “Conga Line.”moreless
    • A Bird Tale/Friendship
      A Bird Tale: Bob and Wartz learn about migrating birds, then fear that Burdette will be leaving them.

      Friendship: A misunderstanding causes Snail to worry that he and Worm are no longer friends.
    • Get Well Moon/Take Your Time
      Get Well Moon: Bob and Wartz stay up late to see the full moon, but when it appears orangey-red, they fear that it's sick and ask Burdette to fly medicine to it.

      Take Your Time: A busy Snook learns to stop and smell the flowers.
    • Madge is Missing/The Anteater Songbook
      Madge is Missing: Smooch and Winslow worry about Madge's whereabouts.

      The Anteater Songbook: Bob sings songs from his songbook, including “Do Something Nice for the Tree” and “Do Your Best.”
    • The Big Race/You Are What You Are
      The Big Race: Winslow, Smooch and Snook organize a relay race for all the animals of the World Tree.

      You Are What You Are: Wartz wonders if fish and plants are related since they both need water to survive.
  • Season 1