It's a Living

ABC (ended 1989)




Episode Guide

  • Season 6
    • Puppy Love
      Puppy Love
      Episode 21
      Dot's cat dies and she feels lonely and decides to get a puppy. Her landlord refuses to allow her to keep the puppy, so she must find a new home for him or face the puppy being put to sleep.
    • The Sonny and Dot Show

      After a hard night of work at the restaurant, Dot is ready to go out on the town but soon realizes that all of her co-workers are now married and don't have time to go out. Feeling lonely, Dot finds a friend in Sonny and they stay late at the restaurant to cry on each other's shoulder and reminisces about the past year (via flashbacks).

    • A Very Special It's a Living

      Jan and Dot are having a continuing argument as are Amy and Ginger over petty possessions. But when Jan goes into premature labor everyone puts their life in perspective Jan's labor takes a turn for the worst and she balances on the edge of death when she gets a visit from a friendly Angel of Death. However, Jan's will to live proves a challenge for the Angel.

    • Matchmaker, Matchmaker

      Dot throws Jan a baby shower and it results in Dot realizing that she is in her 30s with very few romantic prospects and she becomes determined to find a man. This leads her to employ a marriage broker who fixes her up with a fumigator. Meanwhile, Sonny's agent sets him up with a new singing partner and they don't quite hit it off.

    • My Little Red Book
      My Little Red Book
      Episode 17

      Sonny has been in a dating slump so he is very eager when he finds a little black book in the restaurant full of women's names which leads him to a red-hot lady. Little does he know, she is connected to international espionage. Meanwhile, Amy and Ginger want to learn to cook for their husbands and take cooking lessons from Howard.

    • The Dark at the Top of the Top

      The hotel gets a new manager and improvements begin taking hold. He also has some improvements for the restaurant and Nancy is in favor of his suggestions. First he gets a computer for the restaurant and then he decides on a drastic change, Nancy is to be replaced by Dot. Meanwhile, Howard has a hard time adjusting to using a computer to find his recipes.

    • Wedding, Wedding
      Wedding, Wedding
      Episode 15

      Newly engaged, Amy and Ginger are sad that they will no longer be roommates and they both want to attend each others wedding, so they decide on having a double wedding ceremony in the restaurant. Things don't go quite as planned as Amy gets a shock when her mother's wedding dress arrives and Bobby Lee's forgetful uncle shows up to officiate the wedding.

    • Just Say Yes
      Just Say Yes
      Episode 14

      Love is in the air for Valentine's Day when Reggie gives Ginger a gold necklace, while Bobby Lee surprises Amy by offering her the key to his hotel room. This prompts her to debate whether or not to take their relationship to the next level. Meanwhile, an aerobics class is offered in the hotel and Howard is enjoying it, that is until Nancy meets the young female instructor.

    • He Never Sang for His Father

      Sonny is ecstatic when his sexy hairdresser agrees to move in with him. However, getting to first base gets a bit hard when his father shows up for a visit and intrudes on Sonny's budding romance. Meanwhile, Jan discovers that someone in her home has been dialing 900 numbers and Nancy is excited at the prospect of Howard and herself joining an exclusive country club.

    • Mike Fright
      Mike Fright
      Episode 12

      Sonny is excited about getting to perform in Las Vegas and Nancy will only let him off work if he can find someone to fill in at the piano. However, Sonny is not prepared when his replacement is a hit and soon the restaurant is being filled not for the food but for the entertainment. Meanwhile, Ginger and Reggie get serious which leads to an engagement ring.

    • The Ginger's Mother Show

      Ginger's mother is a successful career oriented voice coach who has come to Los Angeles for a visit and to teach a class that Dot is taking. As it turns out, Ginger has lied to her for years about her career and she is very reluctant to discuss her job as a waitress with her. Meanwhile, Nancy and Howard enter a flower competition and Nancy looks forward to beating Howard.

    • A Very Scary It's a Living

      Dot has been cast in a slasher movie and she studies up by watching a batch of slasher films including Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street and Black Christmas. Overtired and scared, Dot falls asleep in the lounge and this leads to a scary dream that takes place at the restaurant in which a killer is on the loose, slowly killing the staff.

    • Dot Casts Off
      Dot Casts Off
      Episode 9

      Dot and her friend Darla are up for the same part and they have high hopes that one of them will get the part. Meanwhile, a casting agency contacts Dot and wants to hire her as a casting assistant. When the role falls through, Dot accepts the casting assistant job and has a difficult task of auditioning Darla. Meanwhile, Jan ponders learning the sex of her unborn baby or being surprised.

    • The Amy and Bobby Show

      Amy is happy with her newboyfriend, a young man who is following in his father's footsteps and has become a preacher and sets out heading down the road to salvation by spreading the word of the good book and invites Amy to come along for the ride. Meanwhile, Howard and Nancy celebrate their wedding anniversary and Howard unknowingly buys Nancy a stolen diamond ring.

    • You Do Voodoo
      You Do Voodoo
      Episode 7

      Ginger gets a book of voodoo spells and a voodoo doll sent in the mail from the Caribbean and she uses them to conjure up the perfect man and she has luck. This prompts Jan to enlist her voodoo services as she has been trying to ward off a developer's plan to build a mini-mall in her neighborhood. Meanwhile, the husband of Sonny's girlfriend has just been paroled.

    • Rear Window
      Rear Window
      Episode 6

      Dot and Ginger have gotten into the habit of peeping out the window at the neighbors in the apartment across from the lounge. The things they see are harmless enough, that is until Dot's witnesses the apparent murder of a woman. Meanwhile, Nancy and Howard must deal with Howard's overbearing mother, who is in town for a visit.

    • The New Guy Show
      The New Guy Show
      Episode 5

      Ginger's ex-boyfriend, Jason, gets married and she decides to attend the wedding and wish him well. Later, she trips over the wedding photographer and she decides to throw caution to the wind and she telephones him for a date. However, she soon finds herself making excuses to why they should not get involved. Meanwhile, Sonny's agent buys him an hour's worth of TV time.

    • Never Trust Anyone Under 40

      Sonny makes everyone aware that his 39th birthday is approaching and seems down in the dumps and depressed about it. His pal, Louie lets the waitresses in on Sonny's secret, he is really turning 40 and he throws him a surprise birthday party. However, a surprise party is the last thing on Sonny's mind, when he arrives with a hooker on his arm.

    • The Jan's Pregnant Show

      Jan hasn't been feeling well and Richie has been no help as he has become obsessed with moving his business to North Dakota. Not wanting to move, Jan fears for her marriage and then surprisingly learns that she is pregnant. Meanwhile, Sonny gets a new agent, Phil Roman, who schedules Sonny to preform as a clown at a kiddie birthday party.

    • The Nancy and Roscoe Show

      Howard's old Marine buddy, Roscoe, is coming to Los Angeles for a visit and lately Nancy feels Howard has not been very open about his feelings. Feeling unappreciated, Nancy and Roscoe go out on the town which puts her marriage to the test. Meanwhile, Sonny is hoping to win a Lizzie, a special award given out to lounge singers.

    • Pistol Packin' Mama

      Gun association members have been dining at the restaurant which makes almost everyone feel uncomfortable except Amy, who reveals that she has a gun in the apartment. When Amy refuses to get rid of the gun, Ginger promptly moves out. Meanwhile, Dot tells off a rude customer who immediately passes away in his soup.

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