It's a Living - Season 2

ABC (ended 1989)




Episode Guide

  • A Farewell to Arm
    A Farewell to Arm
    Episode 14

    Jan is excited when she gets a call from an old boyfriend but she is a little worried because she has had two prior dates with him both turned out to be disastrous. Meanwhile, on the same day as her date, Jan and the girls help Maggie with a garage sale and Jan manages to get her arm stuck in a wall.

  • Strange Bedfellows
    Strange Bedfellows
    Episode 13
    Dot is not having a good week, after a string of bad luck and a deviated septum, she lands in the hospital for surgery and ends up sharing a room with a relentlessly cheery roommate. Meanwhile, the hotel is swamped with WWI veterans and the waitresses try to settle a 63-year-old feud.moreless
  • Horsing Around
    Horsing Around
    Episode 12

    Gambling fever strikes after Jan overhears a tip from a jockey eating at the restaurant and Maggie and her begin betting. The others quickly become miffed at not being let in. Later, the jockey returns and Maggie overhears him order the special (number 4) and mistakes that number for the winner of the next race.

  • Falling in Love Again
    Maggie is consumed with guilt after she begins a romance with a man, who happens to be the first man she's dated since her husband died. Meanwhile, cops stakeout the restaurant for bandits.
  • The Garden of Countess Natasha

    Dot is excited when she gets the lead role in a new play, The Garden of Countess Natasha. She is especially thrilled that it will test her acting skills and allows her speak in an accent. However, after seeing her performance, the other waitresses have a hard time breaking the news to Dot, that she was terrible in the role.

  • Young Love
    Young Love
    Episode 9
    Maggie wants to thank everyone for being so nice to her since she has come to town, she decides to throw a party but her real intention is to matchmake her 23-year-old brother Bobby with Dot, however she is a little late because a romance has developed between 33-year-old Jan and Bobby.moreless
  • Jealousy or Mildred Fierce

    The girls are puzzled by Dennis' erratic behavior and Nancy decides to confront him. Everyone soon learns that Dennis' wife, Mildred, has left him. The staff soon takes steps to try to help the situation and try to keep Dennis from falling apart. Meanwhile, Nancy decides this is the perfect opportunity to throw herself at him.

  • Mann is Mann
    Mann is Mann
    Episode 7
    Sonny's brother, Buddy, flies into town and instantly disrupts Sonny's life when he moves in with him. Buddy quickly becomes an unwelcome houseguest, one whom Sonny is hesitant to kick out and to make matters worse Buddy's girlfriend begins making the moves on Sonny. Meanwhile, the staff scrambles to find the missing winning raffle ticket.moreless
  • Off the Top
    Off the Top
    Episode 6
    The entire staff gets disheartening news when it is announced that the restaurant has been sold and will be turned into a fitness center. This leads everyone to face the reality and depression of unemployment lines, job applications and interviews. That is except Sonny, who has seemingly been hired at another restaurant.moreless
  • Second Time Around, Almost

    Jan's ex-husband re-enters her life and wants to be more involved in their daughters' life. However, this fans an old flame in Jan, that she thought went out years ago. Meanwhile, Dot cares for a dog who suddenly passes away in the girls locker room.

  • The Wedding
    The Wedding
    Episode 4
    A wedding being held at the restaurant is interrupted when the groom spots an old flame across the room, Cassie. This is when he makes an announcement that he can't get married and would like to get back together with Cassie whom he dated and had a long term relationship lasting 5 years.moreless
  • Of Mace and Men
    Of Mace and Men
    Episode 3
    After Maggie is mugged, the waitresses go to lengths to protect themselves and begin carrying mace. However, after Dot is targeted in the parking garage, she defends herself, but the mugger responds by taking her to court.
  • All My Son
    All My Son
    Episode 2

    Sonny is surprised when a woman from his past surprises him with news that she's been thinking about him for the past 10 years. However, he is flabbergasted to learn the reason she been thinking of him, he's the father of her 10-year-old child. Meanwhile, Dot's pet mouse gets loose in the restaurant.

  • Boys of Summer
    Boys of Summer
    Episode 1

    The staff becomes infected with baseball fever, after a baseball team invades the restaurant. While Cassie fends off the advances of one player, Maggie befriends the team's coach who makes advances, Dot befriends a Costa Rican native with hopes of being a pitcher and Jan becomes involved with one player, she learns is married.