It's a Living - Season 3

ABC (ended 1989)




Episode Guide

  • Mann Act
    Mann Act
    Episode 22

    Sonny contemplates his final days after dating a mobster's moll. It seems the mobster has found out and has made an appointment to visit Sonny at the restaurant. A scared Sonny, thinking he is going to meet his maker, recalls events that have taken place in the past (via clips from Season 3.)

  • America's Sweetheart

    Jan fixes a hesitant, Dot up on a blind date with a cartoonist and all goes well at first. But Dot becomes insecure whentheir relationship makes the papers when he uses her as a model for a new character in his comic strip. Meanwhile, Amy wants people to stop walking all over her andtries to become more assertive.

  • Jump
    Episode 20

    The waitresses have had it with a customer who constantly refuses to leave a tip. Cassie becomes determined to get a tip from himandquestions his reasons only to discover he works for the IRS and promptly serves her with an audit. Meanwhile, Dot's latest boyfriend makes a public appeal for her love, keep seeing him or he will jump from the roof on the same night a restaurant critic visits.

  • Dinner with Deedee
    Dinner with Deedee
    Episode 19

    Jan is not pleased to see an old childhood friend, Deedee Toliver, walk into the restaurant. It seems back in the day, Jan and Deedee had a friendly rivalry and Jan feels outclassed when she learns Deedee has married a network executive. Meanwhile, Dot's habit of being late for work and her making excuses gets the better of her.

  • Dot's Puppy
    Dot's Puppy
    Episode 18

    Dot's cat dies and she feels lonely and decides to get a puppy. However, when her landlord refuses to allow her to keep the puppy she must find a new home for him or face the puppy being put to sleep. Meanwhile, Sonny has a big date with a roller derby queen and when Nancy refuses to allow him time off for a date, he quits in a huff.

  • Oddest Couple
    Oddest Couple
    Episode 17

    Cassie is excited to be investing in a condo, however, when the deal falls through, she finds herself homeless. After a brief stay at Nancy's, Cassie in a final desperate attempt, moves in with Sonny and the rumors begin to fly. Meanwhile, Dot's mother is in town visiting and she begins wearing Dot out going to every tourist attraction in town.

  • The Jerks
    The Jerks
    Episode 16

    Nancy forces the girls to stay late one evening and take inventory. This leads each girl to tell a story about thebiggestjerkthey ever dated. This leads Amy to reveal that prior to working at Above the Top she had gone out on a date with Sonny and he indeed is the biggest jerk she ever dated. Meanwhile, Howard has a hard timelocating his lucky spatula.

  • Jewel Heist
    Jewel Heist
    Episode 15

    A visiting princess becomes the target of terrorists who plan to make off with her extravagant diamond necklace. However, Dot accidentally intercepts a drugged napkin intended for the princess. Meanwhile, Jan deals with an obnoxious buddy of Richie's who has been staying with them.

  • The Doctor Danny Show
    During a date, Nancy suffers a hernia and when her physician discovers it, he insists that she have it operated on immediately. However, an old phobia about hospitals surfaces and she flat out refuses treatment. Meanwhile, Amy tries to get the girls to go in on a shady vacation property venture.moreless
  • Jealous Wife
    Jealous Wife
    Episode 13

    Cassie's one night stand is a dream for her but it turns into a nightmare when she is publicly humiliated by the man's wife in the restaurant. Meanwhile, food has been disappearing from the kitchen and Nancy and Howard try to get to the bottom of it. While, Dot has been sneaking around and been acting very suspicious.

  • Gender Gap
    Gender Gap
    Episode 12

    The staff is shaken up when a sex discrimination suit is brought against the restaurant which forces Nancy to hire a obnoxious waiter. With one too many employees, Nancy must fire Amy, who has a hard time finding employment. Meanwhile, Sonny begins dating a woman who was once a man and had a past with Nancy.

  • Eleven Angry Men and Dot

    Dot has been serving on jury dutyand becomes frustrated when a fellow jury memberbecomes the hold out juror. However, after she insists on a re-enactment of the crime, shebecomes the hold out juror. Meanwhile, Nancy and the other waitresses must deal with Dot's absence from work and Cassie tries to balance dating twins.

  • Hail to the Chef
    Hail to the Chef
    Episode 10

    Nancy is ecstatic when she learns the President may visit the restaurant. The entire staff becomes a little concerned and worried when they learn they must pass a security check. Things from everyone's past comes to the surface especially Howard. His past becomes scrutinized and everyone is shocked when he his deemed a threat.

  • The Wedding Show
    The Wedding Show
    Episode 9

    Jan and Richie's wedding day has come and itbrings some unexpected events that may lead to it not taking place. First, Richie's ex-wife Cindy, appears announcing that she is leaving their son, Charlie,with them, and their honeymoon may turn into a threesome. Then thejudge fails to appear and the staff scrambles to find someone to officiate.

  • The Prom Show
    The Prom Show
    Episode 8
    A prom is scheduled to take place at the restaurant but when the entertainment doesn't show up, Dot takes over as the entertainment committee with a little help from Sonny and Amy. Meanwhile, Jan has second thoughts about her engagement to Richie, especially when she learns he wants to have a baby.moreless
  • From Russia with Love

    A Russian track team is visiting Los Angeles and staying at the hotel. Both Amy and Cassie begin dating track team members. Things go a little too far when both track members defect and lock themselves in Amy and Cassie's lockers. The one in Cassie's locker claims he loves her and wants to marry her.

  • Jan's Engagement
    Jan's Engagement
    Episode 6

    Jan hits it off with a fan repair man who whisks her off her feet. Their relationship goes faster then she expected when he suddenly proposes marriage. Meanwhile, Amy wants to go to a rodeo and she takes Dot's advice and lies to Nancy to get out of work.

  • I Write the Songs
    I Write the Songs
    Episode 5

    Sonny thinks he has struck gold with a record company when a record producer hears one of his songs and decides to buy it from him. This prompts him to quit his job at the restaurant in a big way. Meanwhile, Dot sets out to be the best waitress she can be.

  • Desperate Hours
    Desperate Hours
    Episode 4
    Nancy is excited for the arrival of an Ambassador from a Third World country and when he arrives all goes well, that is until terrorists from his country take the restaurant hostage. Meanwhile, Jan must deal with her daughter Ellen and her cat that is giving birth.
  • Amy Big Girl Now
    Amy Big Girl Now
    Episode 3

    Amy gets a surprise visit from her father who has come to California to take his little girl back to Texas and away from her new city life. Meanwhile, a weight loss group stays in the hotel and invades the restaurant and the staff must try to keep fattening foods away from overweight patrons.

  • Cassie's Cowboy
    Cassie's Cowboy
    Episode 2

    Cassie falls head over heels for a cowboy, Hank Dobson,who is millionaire. Hank rents out the restaurant in an attempt to romance Cassie and soon she is showered with expensive gifts. However, she is unprepared to deal with the fact that she also has to like him to be with him.

  • Harassed
    Episode 1
    New to the big city, Amy begins receiving a series of threatening messages from a stalker, something she is totally unprepared for after living her life in the country. Meanwhile, Howard refuses to prepare a shipment of fish that came from a supplier that he does not approve of which leads to an argument with Nancy.moreless
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