It's a Living - Season 4

ABC (ended 1989)




Episode Guide

  • Nancy's Shrink
    Nancy's Shrink
    Episode 25

    After an unpleasant evening at the restaurant, Nancy has a session with her psychiatrist and he prompts her to review her relationships with her employees. Nancy recalls previous good times and bad times amongst the staff (via flashbacks). She also reveals a strange dream that explores her feelings for Howard.

  • Manhandling
    Episode 24

    Amy and Dot are both attracted to a handsome new employee who works in the kitchen. However, Amy isnot sure how to deal with him wanting to become intimate. Later, Amy asks Dot to act as a go-between, to Dot's delight. Meanwhile, fur flies when Ginger buys Jan's car, which turns out to be a lemon.

  • A Romantic Comedy
    A Romantic Comedy
    Episode 23

    Jan and Richie win a romantic evening alone in the hotel. However, their evening doesn't go exactly as planned. First, Dot gets an audition for a part in a slasher film and needs Jan to fill in for her for an hour. Then Richie is needed in the restaurant kitchen which results in him breaking his hand.

  • The Two Guys Show
    The Two Guys Show
    Episode 22

    Ginger has been dating two men, Jason and Robert and she loves them both that's why when they each propose marriage to her, she accepts each offer and must soon weigh the merits of each of them. Meanwhile, Howard weighs offers from other restaurants while trying to renegotiate his contract and Jan searches for a new hairdresser.

  • The Dot Quits Show
    The Dot Quits Show
    Episode 21

    Dot is up for a part in a soap opera and she is all excited because it looks like she is going to get it but when she doesn't she unexpectedly quits to become a full-time unemployed actress. Meanwhile, Nancy tries to come to terms with the fact that she can't fire anyone and begins seeing a shrink. Sonny writes a musical based on Attila the Hun and Ginger's footwear fetish gets out of control.

  • The Howie Show
    The Howie Show
    Episode 20

    Howard's past begins to catch up with him when South Pacific natives arrive to worship the person they consider a supreme being, Howard. Meanwhile, a contest to find the best waitress in Los Angeles finds Nancy challenging the waitresses and it ends up Dot versus Nancy. Sonny considers getting his ear pierced.

  • The Dickie Doodle Show

    The restaurant prepares for a fan club dinner for all the waitresses favorite kids' show The Dickie Doodle Show. Jan Murray plays the former children's show host, Dickie Doodle, whose fan club dinner clashes with Nancy's meeting with a vice president from the restaurant chain.

  • Dot's Priest
    Dot's Priest
    Episode 18

    Dot is slightly unnerved to get a bouqet of roses from her old college boyfriend who is now a priest. He is in town for a visit and announces to that he is questioning his commitment to God and wants her to help him make a decision. Meanwhile, Ginger and Amy are in a minor car accident.

  • Amy's Rusty
    Amy's Rusty
    Episode 17
    Amy feels guilty for being unwed so she decides to reunite with an old flame. Meanwhile, Dot sells skin care products.
  • Bachelor Party
    Bachelor Party
    Episode 16
    Howard's naive niece visits and begins dating Sonny. Something Howard is determined to put an end to.
  • Ginger's Baby
    Ginger's Baby
    Episode 15

    Ginger agrees to babysit her neighbor's baby for a weekend, however, at the last minute Nancy changes the schedule and forces her to work which prompts Ginger to bring the baby to work. Meanwhile, Sonny car-sits for a friend, but picks up the wrong car, one that belongs to a gangster who has a stash of cash in the trunk.

  • The Evictables
    The Evictables
    Episode 14

    Thanks to Jan's advice, Ginger is evicted from her apartment after withholding the rent to force the landlord to repaint it. Ginger then moves in with Amy, who lives in a "No Men Allowed" apartment building, but Ginger's love-life soon conflicts with that rule. Soon both Ginger and Amy find themselves without a place to live.

  • Nancy's Birthday Party

    Nancy drops heavy hints about her upcoming birthday and expects a party to be thrown by the staff. Amy decides to take the bull by the horns and gathers the restof the staff together to throw abirthday party at Howard's apartment. Meanwhile, Jan and Richie fight over his planned trip to Chicago and Sonny pleads to join Dot's car pool.

  • Sonny's Oil (a.k.a.) The Oil Show

    Sonny's friend invests in a property and hits it big when oil is discovered. This prompts Sonny to want to purchase the adjacent property that a geologist also believes may hold oil. However, Sonny can't afford it by himself so he tries to convince the waitress and Nancy and Howard to go in with him. Meanwhile, the possibility of wealth, has everyone dreaming big.

  • Richie's Sculpture
    Richie's Sculpture
    Episode 11

    Jan discovers a new sculpture of Richie's, hidden in a closet and she brings it to work to show it off. Nancyagrees to let it be displayed in the restaurant and it is a smash. However, thisis short lived, whenDot sells thesculpture to a tourist, only later Jan learns it isn't his sculpture to sell. Meanwhile, Amy is assigned to write an article about Ginger for a hotel newsletter.

  • Critic's Choice
    Critic's Choice
    Episode 10

    In an attempt to boost business, hotel management has scheduled a famous food critic to critique the food at the restaurant and they warn Nancy that if anything goes wrong, they will let people go. However, things may not go Nancy's way when the critic turns out to be a long time rival of Howard's. Meanwhile, everyone is shocked when Ginger takes a trip to Palm Springs with Sonny.

  • Farewell, My Sonny
    Farewell, My Sonny
    Episode 9

    The hotel hosts a murder mystery and Nancy, Amy and Dot are assigned parts to play in one of the mysteries and Ginger gets a kick out of trying to solve a murder. However, things turn surprisingly real when Sonny becomes the prime suspect in the murder of a man he had a run-in with the night before. Meanwhile, Jan must deal with her visiting mother-in-law.

  • The Dot and Howard Show

    Dot has tickets to see a play and no one is willing to go with her, no one except Howard. This leads Dot and Howard to begin a series of dates that convinces everyone that Dot and Howard's relationship has turned into something other then platonic. Meanwhile, Sonny gets together a group of lounge singers to organize a charity event called Lounge Aid.

  • Family Feud
    Family Feud
    Episode 7

    Divorcees are coming out of the woodwork when Dot's mother and Jan's father come to Los Angeles for a visit. Dot and Jan are not sure what to do until Ginger suggests the two parents should go out together and soon they get a little too close for comfort for their children. Meanwhile, Sonny is tricked into buying a burial plot and in turn tricks Amy into believing he is dying.

  • Night at the Iguana

    The restaurant is closed for three days as a new sprinkler system is being installed and eveyone has off. Sonny and the girls decide to take a trip to Las Vegas and en route, their car breaks down. This leads them to check into a hotel. A hotel that is run by a mysterious man and his unseen mother. Meanwhile, Howard tries to avoid Nancy on his days off.

  • Nancy's Sister
    Nancy's Sister
    Episode 5

    Nancy is not too pleased with a visit from her sister, Gloria, and things don't improve when Nancy becomes convinced that Gloria is trying to take Howard away from her. Meanwhile, Howard gets turned down by each waitress to accompany him to his Chef Club's annual dinner. Howard decides not to ask Nancy but doesn't think twice when he asks Gloria.

  • Surprise
    Episode 4

    Jan's birthday is approaching and she is curious to know what Richiehas planned for the event. Meanwhile, Richie is planning on making her a sculpture and needs a place to complete the project and Ginger allows him to use her apartment. This leads Amy, Nancy and Dot to jump to the wrong conclusion and believe Richie and Ginger are having an affair.

  • The Reunion Show
    The Reunion Show
    Episode 3

    Jan is all set to attend her 20 year high school reunion being held at the restaurant. She is thrilled that she will get to see her old boyfriend, one who still holds a torch for her and her for him. Sonny is on the prowl at the reunion for divorcees and Dot tries to help the class nerd. Meanwhile, Nancy, with some advice from Amy, tries a new trick to lure Howard home.

  • The Bar
    The Bar
    Episode 2

    Amy is feeling lonely and excited to show off a new out, so to pick up her spirits, the girls take her out to a singles bar. However, each one of the girls encounters a man who is far from Mr. Right. Meanwhile, Howard is after a new stove for the kitchen and decides leading Nancy on may be the key to getting what he wants.

  • The Roof Show
    The Roof Show
    Episode 1

    On a night when everyone wants to leave early, the majority of the staff systematically becomes trapped on the roof, leaving Dot to contemplate missing the acting part of a lifetime, Sonny and Ginger to miss the dates of a lifetime and Jan to miss the fight of a lifetime. All the while, Amy, Nancy and Howard must deal with a mob of customers.