It's a Living - Season 5

ABC (ended 1989)




Episode Guide

  • Tune In, Tune Out
    Tune In, Tune Out
    Episode 26

    Jan feels that her relationship with Richie is in a rut, so to spice it up, she borrows a blond wig from Dot. However, the results are not exactly what she intended when she begins to feel that Richie is no longer interested in her, just a sexy blonde. Meanwhile, a TV is installed in the lounge and the waitresses become addicted to a mini-series.

  • The Waiting Game
    The Waiting Game
    Episode 25

    The waitresses wax philosophic when a journalist interviews them about the pros and cons of their careers. However, the journalist doesn't get quite what she bargained for and instead gets a walk down memory lane (via flashbacks) and discovers tha tnone of the waitresses are truly happy being a waitress. Meanwhile, Nancy is worried about what the staff has to say about her.

  • The No Guys Show
    The No Guys Show
    Episode 24

    Ginger's in a quandary when her perfect boyfriend, Jason, wants to tie the knot, but she has a hard time telling him that she is not ready to settle down. When she finally does turn him down, she is in for a shock when he shows up at the restaurant with a fiancee on his arm. Meanwhile, Dot takes up french cooking and Nancy and Howard entertain some musician friends.

  • Healings, Nothing More Than Healings

    Sonny becomes an instant hero after saving a choking victim by administering the Heimlich maneuver. It appears Sonny had a little divine intervention as the man had been confined to crutches prior to chocking and now he can walk with no assistance. Meanwhile, Nancy and Howard contemplate taking separate vacations and Dot participates in a telethon.

  • Ginger and the Senator

    Ginger has been using her spare time to campaign for her favorite senator, however, her efforts land her on the front-page of the newspapers when she is photographed first dancing and later sitting in the senator's lap. This causes a scandal as the senator is married. Meanwhile, Sonny's one-night stand turns into a fatal attraction and Jan borrows Dot's cleaning lady.

  • The Amy and Louie Show

    Sonny sees red when Amy finally agrees to go on a date, but not with him but with his friend Louie. To everyone's shock, Louie takes her to a Willie Nelson concert and they hit it off. Meanwhile, Ginger is dreading a blind date that her grandmother setup with an egg salesman named Wilbur and Nancy and Howard invest in a heavyweight.

  • Dot's Hope
    Dot's Hope
    Episode 20

    Dot's friend, Hope, is coming to Los Angeles seeking fame and fortune and is following in Dot's footsteps, wanting to become an actress. Dot quickly gets her a job in the restaurant kitchen washing dishes, which goes over well with Howard, but a jealous Nancy is not pleased at all. Meanwhile, Sonny plots to get the naive Hope in his bed.

  • Ginger's Grandmother Show

    Ginger's grandmother shows up on Ginger's doorstep, complaining that her son won't let her drive anymore. As it turns out, her grandmother has been having car accidents and now Ginger has the task of taking her car away from her. Meanwhile, Sonny decides to make a music video in the restaurant and enlists the help of Louie and the restaurant staff.

  • Daddy's Little Girl
    Daddy's Little Girl
    Episode 18

    Jan's father is coming to Los Angeles for a visit and she thinks this would be the perfect time to try to reunite her divorced parents so she invites her mother over on the night of his visit. However, she is thrown for a loop when her dad shows up with a younger woman on his arm. Meanwhile, Nancy discovers Howard is still paying rent on his old apartment.

  • The One About the Tattooed Lady

    Nancy's has high hopes of mending a family rift when her cousin, Grace, stops by for a visit but that's not the only surprise for Nancy, her cousin is covered from head to toe in tattoos. Meanwhile, the restaurant has two unwelcome guests, a unhappy retiree and an urn full of the ashes of recently deceased patron.

  • Take Back Your Mink
    Take Back Your Mink
    Episode 16

    Richie gets involved in a business deal that leads to big money and the new found wealth lands Jan in a mink coat. However, when the deal follow through, they are soon facing bankruptcy. Meanwhile, Dot auditions for a role as an anorexic which forces her to go on a crash diet.

  • Everyone's a Critic
    Everyone's a Critic
    Episode 15

    Dot is so pleased with her life, she has a new boyfriend and she has a new part in a play. However, she soon developsa monumental case of jitters on the opening night of her new play on account of her journalist boyfriend is assigned to review her performance. Meanwhile, Amy is not pleased to wear a new skirt that Ginger has designed.

  • Skin Deep
    Skin Deep
    Episode 14

    Newly married, Nancy and Howard have been adjusting to married life, however, one thing Nancy has not been able to get used to is Howard's flirting with younger women. This makes her so insecure that she begins considering having plastic surgery. Meanwhile, a fan of Sonny's begins a Sonny Mann fan club.

  • Twelve Angry Women
    Twelve Angry Women
    Episode 13

    A feminist group is staying the hotel and they begin dining at the restaurant where Sonny manages to infuriate all of them. As they force their feminist views on the waitresses, Jan begins to see some of their viewpoints as she deals with Richie and how they raise Ellen and Charlie. Meanwhile, Dot begins dating one of Amy's ex-boyfriends and Amy is not exactly thrilled.

  • A Pen Pal for Your Thoughts

    Amy reveals that she has been writing to a pen pal for about a year and everyone is shocked to learn that her pen pal is in prison and the young man has some surprising news for her, he's getting out of prison. The even bigger news is that he is in his sixties and he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Meanwhile, Dot tries to decide on buying a new car.

  • Strictly Personal
    Strictly Personal
    Episode 11

    Dot has been looking for love and she decides to place an ad in the personals column of a tabloid magazine. However, she doesn't quite get the response that she had hoped for when a 15 year-old boy shows up at her door. Meanwhile, Amy discovers her grandmother had a checkered past, she was a madam.

  • The Sonny's Mother Show

    Sonny's dreading an impending visit from his mother mostly because she's never forgiven him for becoming a lounge singer instead of a classical pianist. Meanwhile, Jan and Richie decide to buy a house and begin house hunting. Nancy wants Howard to attend a spiritual reading to try to get to the bottom of their incompatibility problems.

  • The Vegas Show (2)
    The Vegas Show (2)
    Episode 9
    As the staff gets along with Nancy in Las Vegas, Howard is burning up with jealousy and he ends up following her there to confront her and he's horrified to find her gambling at a blackjack table with a lounge lizard named Chick. Meanwhile, the rest of the staff decide to also make a trip to Las Vegas unaware they are about to attend the wedding of Nancy and Howard.moreless
  • The Vegas Show (1)
    The Vegas Show (1)
    Episode 8

    Nancy is heartbroken when Howard announces that he wants to see other women. Nancy gives him an ultimatum which results in him deciding they should not see each other anymore. Meanwhile, singer Jack Jones checks into the hotel for a few days and strikes up a friendship with Nancy and invites her to Las Vegas for a long weekend which does not please Howard.

  • Search and Strike
    Search and Strike
    Episode 7

    Nancy is thrilled when hotel management wants her to search the waitresses' lockers for contraband. Feeling invaded, the Ginger and the other waitresses come up with a plot to drive her crazy. They invent a private journal that Nancy believes to be Howard's. At the same time, Howard wants Nancy to back off which makes her all the more interested.

  • The Date Show
    The Date Show
    Episode 6

    Howard has been depressed and seems to be in a mid-life crisis and no one can seem to snap him out of it. Nancy believes she hasjust the solution to Howard's mid-life crisis: she invites him to a square dance, and she won't take no for an answer. Reluctantly, Howard accepts and they end up in bed together. Meanwhile, Dot begins picking out baby names after she takes a pregnancy test.

  • Killing of Sister Dot

    Dot is thrilled about returning to work on a soap opera that she had worked on in the past, where they had killed her character off. This time they are bringing her back but she is not too please when she gets the latest script and realizes her character is in imminent danger of being killed off. Meanwhile, Ginger and Amy fight over throwing a party and Ginger is not pleased at all when Amy invites Sonny.

  • Sweet Charity
    Sweet Charity
    Episode 4

    Dot is excited to be directing a children's play "Little Red Riding Hood" and she wants to do a good job. However, they are a little short staffed and she guilts her co-workers to help out backstage. When the cast is quarantined with the chicken pox, Dot begs the staff to fillthe roles in the play. Meanwhile, Nancy suddenly turns a new leaf and begins acting nice.

  • No, My Darling Daughter

    Jan's daughter, Ellen, a freshman in high school, has Jan worried when she has a date. However, Jan is all the more worried when she learns the boy is a senior in high school. But what really takes the cake is when Jan learns Ellen reserved a room in the hotel. Meanwhile, Howard asks Nancy for $900 to pay back a loan shark.

  • Her Back to the Future
    As the staff prepares for a wedding reception, Nancy dozes off in the lounge and has a bizarre dream about her own marriage, ten years in the future. As it turns out, Dot is a successful actress, Ginger marries and opens a restaurant chain, Jan becomes the governor of California, Amy marries Howard and Nancy ends up marrying Sonny.moreless
  • Till Death Do Us Part

    Sonny has fallen in love and he plans to marry a woman he hasn't been seeing very long. What is a surprise to everyone is how normal she seems. However, things don't go quite as Sonny plans when his fiancee leaves him at the alter. Meanwhile, Howard prepares for a visit from his high-school sweetheart and begins wearing a toupee.