It's a Man's World

NBC (ended 1963)


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  • Three and a half men- on a houseboat

    This is one of the genuine oddities of Television history. Its a Mans World lasted only 19 episodes, has never been rerun in this country, and has yet to be re;leased on DVD, yet has fans all over the world, and apesresitent cult following in the United States. You see, after its demise, under what show producer Peter ( My Three Sons and Father Knows Best) Tewkesbury insisted were suspicious circumstances, it was released all over the world, and probably has more fans in abroad than inthis country. Though it has its detractors, (Notably Television historian Stephen it also has scores of admirers . It was apparently, a quirky, gentle 'dramedy' focusing on the trials and tribulations of everyday life. It centered on "Three and. half men:- North Carolina folk singer Vern Hodges (Randy Boone),, restless Chicago rich kid, "tom-tom" Dewitt, (Ted Bessell), , aspiring lawyer Wes McCauley, (, (Glenn Corbett ))and wes' nephew, Howie (Michael They shared a houseboat in the Ohio river, "The Elephant" The crew of writers included Earl Hamner, Jr. Such shows as Thirty Something , Home Front, and Friday NightLiights owe much to this show