It's a Man's World - Season 1

NBC (ended 1963)


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  • Winter Story
    Winter Story
    Episode 19
    Howie and Alma Jean are spending a great deal of time together; much to her mother's dismay. She just wants Alma Jean to grow up and quit acting silly. Meanwhile, Vern has his own problems. He's just dropped a 50 pound sack of potatoes on his guitar!
  • Mutiny on the Elephant
    It's Louisville or bust! Tom-Tom, Vern, and Howie are headed for Louisville on vacation with Mr. Stott as the captain of the houseboat "the elephant". Mr. Stott burdens the boys with numerous 'abandon ship' exercises and lessons in river tides. All useful but absolutely no fun! The boys eventually trick Mr. Stott into leaving the boat while they take off for a few hours of fun; but the fun is short lived.moreless
  • The Unbalanced Line
    The Unbalanced Line
    Episode 17
    Coach Bergstrom helps Wes get a scholarship to play football. This puts Wes in a real time crunch with work, school, and football. When Wes can't make time for Irene, it appears that Irene makes time with one of the psychology professors.
  • Hour of Truth
    Hour of Truth
    Episode 16
    Vern learns when he takes a quiz in a fad magazine that he's a 'social dud' . He decides he'll break out of that if he becomes more like Tom-Tom. Tom-Tom tells him to "be yourself" and to "get your thoughts out of your head and into the world". Vern decides that people will notice him more and respect him more if he just tells the truth and says what comes into his mind. So every day, he vows to "take an hour of truth" so expressing himself will be easier and easier. But always saying exactly what's on your mind can get you into a mess of trouble....moreless
  • Night Beat of the Tom-Tom
    Tom-Tom's got a very open view of marriage and female relationships. "One and one make two people". When Nora cancels a date at the last minute to meet with an old 'friend', Tom-Tom even gives them his dinner reservation. As the night goes on, though, Tom-Tom discovers he's not as open-minded as he thought.moreless
  • The Long Way Around
    The Long Way Around
    Episode 14
    There are a lot of chores to do and Wes can't do them all. He entrusts Tom-Tom to take care of a few of them; but Tom-Tom, as usual, can't keep focused long enough to get them done. As a result, his lack of self discipline ruins everybody's day!
  • The Long Short Cut
    The Long Short Cut
    Episode 13
    On his way to the library to return some books for Wes, Tom-Tom takes a short cut that turns out to be the long way when he runs into Nora.
  • The Macauley Profile
    Wes, Tom-Tom and Vern agree to take a series of aptitude tests for Irene - with surprising results!
  • Chicago Gains a Number
    Tom-Tom's failing in three classes and receives an automatic suspension from school. When he tries to see the dean, he's treated as just a number; number 1271 to be exact. He walks out, gaining his freedom from timetables and deadlines and returns to his hometown of Chicago. "Cordella hasn't lost a son, Chicago has gained a number". Arriving unannounced in Chicago, he finds the house empty. While alone, he gets the opportunity to relive how it would have been if he'd stayed in Chicago to join his father's business.moreless
  • I Count My Life in Coffee Cups
    Vern meets Jeri, who's been left at the drive-in by her date. Jeri's a waitress at the local luncheonette and is tired of living in Cordella "where nothing ever happens". She learns from Vern, some valuable lessons about self respect and where your dreams can take you.
  • The Man on the Second Floor
    Howie's been begging Mr. Stott for a job but Mr. Stott won't hire him. Finally, Mr. Cleary offers Howie a job working with him in the insurance office every day after school and on Saturdays. Howie's very pleased with his new job. When Mr. Stott finds out though, he becomes very jealous and uses blackmail to get Howie to quit working for Mr. Cleary.moreless
  • The Bravest Man in Cordella
    "Ultimatum for Peace" is the topic of Tom-Tom's manuscript. He's asked Molly to type it for him. Molly's boyfriend "Scooter", currently away in the military, is a 200 lb. ex-football player. When Tom-Tom begins to go out with Molly, Wes warns him of the danger if Scooter finds out. Tom-Tom refuses to let that worry him. When Scooter returns home on a two day leave, the whole town comes to watch the fireworks when Scooter meets Tom-Tom.moreless
  • Howie's Adventure
    Howie's Adventure
    Episode 7
    The camping trip that Tom-Tom, Vern and Howie have planned ends abruptly when Howie is struck by lightning. He seems OK after the accident so the guys decide to wait out the storm before returning to town to see the doctor. Sometime during the night, though, Howie wanders off.
  • The Beavers and the Otters
    It's a beautiful Indian Summer day. Irene and Wes watch as others enjoy the warm weather and outdoor activities. They can only hope for just a few hours alone together. After making many arrangements, they are finally able to take the day off to travel across the river and spend the day together. But the trip is bittersweet....moreless
  • A Drive Over to Exeter (aka A Drive to Exeter)
    Growing up is hard to do for Howie. His friends are passing on baseball to hang out with girls. And, Howie's got his own troubles with Marilyn Feeney.
  • Winning His Way
    Winning His Way
    Episode 4
    This episode deals with the fellow's attitudes related to money. Wes hates to go into debt for anything (since his parents were always in debt). Tom-Tom lives vicariously as he makes a series of "deals" to get himself a car. Vern, though initially conservative, learns from Tom-Tom that you have spend money to make money. Howie wants his motorbike, and has to learn the lesson of making sure that, in the end, you have the money to pay for it.moreless
  • Molly Pitcher and the Green-Eyed Monster
    It's Wes' birthday and Irene's got a big party planned for him. Wes has to make a run to Emmett to pick up some tires for Mr. Stott. On the way back, he ends up rescuing Nora, the free spirit, who has gotten herself into quite a pickle. The afternoon turns into an adventure and it's all Nora and Wes can talk about at the party. Irene, feeling quite left out and quite dull, can't help herself when she tells Nora off for having so much fun with Wes.moreless
  • Stir-Crazy
    Episode 2
    Wes is uptight about his financial situation again. The grocery bill is due; Howie needs his share of the cost for a gift for the coach; and the shoes need to be picked up at the shoe repair. And if things weren't bad enough, Tom-Tom invites a stranger he met at the local bar to stay with them for a few days.moreless
  • Four to Go
    Four to Go
    Episode 1
    The fall school term is about to begin and Wes and Tom-Tom are concerned over finances. And so is Howie, but for another reason - the bag with the newspaper subscription money he has just collected is missing.