It's A Miracle

Ion Television (ended 2004)


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It's A Miracle

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This inspiring reality-series is devoted to exploring miracles by chronicling true life-altering stories of encounters, healings and interventions caused by mysterious, uplifting phenomena that defy all plausible explanation. The show looks at the mystery of the inexplicable and how it compassionately touches individual lives. For some full episodes, only two stories aired, meaning a 30 minute episode, for others four stories meaning one hour.
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  • It would be a miracle to bring it back. Everyone loves it. It kept my class on the edge of their seats. Miracles also makes people think and it keeps people fanastied.BRING IT BACK ABC or your going to lose viewers from my school becuase they all miss it.moreless

    Greatest TV show ever made. It made me think and it kept me wodnering and eager for more. It was wonderful with its mysteries being solved. Miracles aslo made me dream of what live would be like if it was like that. I never saw it on TV but i saw it in class and all i had to say was that i wanted to stay in that class until we finished the show. It was just too amazing. Miracles needs to be brought back. It also needs to be aired at a different time and than it will get all its fans back but until ABC does that all of the Miracle fans are not going to watch it. ABC please think about it.moreless
  • has this show been cancled?

    i really loved this show i watched it even when i was eight, (i am 14 now) i really hope it was not canceled i loved the people who hosted it and it was my tast in a great show! i really hope they do bring this one back, but whos to say it would be as sucessful as it was i guess they need more people to share their experecnce, but personally i could watch the whole series over and over again, it was touching and i would even tell the stories in school about the show pax t.v bring it back!moreless
  • This program is great but there's one problem we have found when watching it, and that is the background music is way too loud to be able to easily hear what is being spoken throughout. We hope by our speaking up like this, something will be done about imoreless

    My husband and I just love the show It's A Miracle. It is very uplifting and inspiring to see and know that miracles do indeed happen in this day and age. We have never been disappointed when we have have watched it. However, we must say that there is one thing that is very disturbing to both of us. That is, the background music is much too loud to be able to hear what is being spoken. It is not just a little bit here and there, but it is throughout the whole time of each story that is being shown and told. I don\'t know if anyone has ever spoken up about this but this was my first reaction to write in like this as soon as we finished watching the program for tonight because it gets very frustrating when you can\'t hear half of what is being said. If that part of the program with the music could be fine-tuned, that would be so great. My rating of the show would then be a 10 if the music was greatly softened. Thank you - I hope someone higher up takes this seriously too and looks into this.moreless
  • help me out-I need the name of the healing saint that was taped to a boys leg, when he was in a coma...I need physical help

    It\\\'s a miracle was on last week, and I noticed but paid little attention to an infinite part of the show that I really could use. There was a perfectly well little boy that collapsed during the night, and was in a coma with a brain aneurism I believe. His moms best friend, taped a pennant of a healing saint on his leg, and the boy dreamed of the saint before awakening from his coma. Does anyone know the name of the saint? Please let me know

  • IF only those countries at war could sit down and watch this show!

    I have further pictures and real miracle testimonials from Conyers Ga. Featuring a picture of a tornado touching down while 50,000 watched in horror as it passed by harming nobody. Yes I have this story and pictures from 1995 at the Conyers holy site.I have a picture of the tornado and also a picture, you won't believe this when you see it, of an image of Mary exiting the storm into the clouds. This picture was taken with a polaroid instant camera. It's BEAUTIFUL!moreless
  • Episode:Unknown..
    Heyy, im Isabella Herrera When i was about 4 years old i was in this show but now i feel horrible because i never looked at the ca...

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