It's About Time

Season 1 Episode 1

And Then I Wrote Happy Birthday to You

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Sep 11, 1966 on CBS

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  • It's About Time I got to see this very amusing little episode

    This was the first, and of right now, the only episode of It's About Time I have seen and it was very enjoyable. I am a big Gilligan's Island Fanatic and enjoy seeing other of Sherwood Schwartz shows. I heard the theme song a few years back and had always wanted to see it. Well thanks to tape trading I was able to. It was not laugh out loud funny, it was played more on pratfalls and the characters more than the jokes. The concept was a good one. Hec and Mac go back and rescue a boy from proving his adulthood and say "on the other side of mountain" they throw birthdays to show your age. It was a little better than I was expecting. If you like Gilligan, I am sure you will like this episode of It's About Time.