It's About Time

CBS (ended 1967)





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  • One of the best 60' TV series!

    In Brazil it aired until the mid 70s. The dubbing for the Portuguese language was excellent. The characters were very funny and the dialogues were easy for children to understand. I had great fun!

    I would like to have it on DVD, it all depends on CBS.
  • All I have to say is "ooh ooh dinosaur stew"

    I was six at the time this aired, I always watched it, but haven't seen it since it went off the air. I wish someone would bring this one back. From what I remenber it was a pretty funny series, or it could be I was just happy because it had dinosaurs in it. none the less I would love to see this one again just for childhood memories, maybe the low interest was because adults where the ones making the ratings, because if it were the kids i think this one would have stayed one the air alot longer that it did
  • I remember as a kid in Claifornia loving this show. It was new and funny and very different from other sit-coms at that time. It gave me slight glance at history of the pre-historic age and what it must have been like to live in those times.

    Personally I feel the show should be brought back in syndication along with what ever else is out there. Every show is not for everybody but give us the chance to make the deecision regardless of how many episodes and how long it ran to be the decision maker. I'd like to shar ethis show with my son and grand-children some day. Afterall, shows like Lucy and Dick Van Dyke became classics with an entirely different generation other than the one it was introduced to. Its about time, its about space could offer the same satisfaction to more recent generations and beyond.
  • ok

    this show was on the air for only a short period of time. oou, oou was the catch phrase for one of the characters. I don't remember much about this series except it starred Bob Denver I think anyway, It's about time I got off this but I have to write a hundred words.