It's All Relative

ABC (ended 2004)


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  • The best show on television showing comedy with real life issues and their reception by other people has been cancelled!

    The two worlds of Bobbie and Liz colliding has become something of an addiction for me to tune into. They complement and contrast each other nicely; from the arguements between Mace and Phillip to the friendship of Audrey and Simon. This is the only show of it\'s kind and is a refreshing change from all the sitcoms with dragging storylines because this one has a new plot every episode! Also, this show portrays peoples veiws of gay people/couples and could enlighten a few people along the way.
    In short the show is fantastic and I can\'t believe that it has been cancelled after just one season! Where do I go to complain!? BRING IT BACK!!!
  • They are gonna get married, the question is. Are they gonna get that far?

    Liz and Bobby are in love. That is the easy part. They are from two different lives, familes and values. Bobbys family are Irish and are running a bar, Liz family are two gay guys. Her mother died when Liz where young and her father and his boyfriend did the upbringing.
    It was really good. To bad it was cancelled after just 1 season.
  • this show appeals to me because it is funny. its like a classic family comady with a twist! they shouldn't of canceled it I still wonder if they got married. Id've loved to see the wedding.

    I loved this show. I really dont think they should of canceled it. i dont know why but it seems any show that has a gay lead charater is canceled befor it even gets a chance. If your as big of fan of the show as I am you can catch re-runs of it on Logo. its on saturdays usually from 9a.m-12