It's All Relative

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Nov 12, 2003 on ABC
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Philip and Simon initially oppose State Senatorial candidate Charlie Carson's plans to tear down an historical theatre, while Mace supports the politician's plan to build a hotel in its place. But Mace questions his support when he learns that Carson supports gay marriage, which causes Philip and Simon to change their minds and support him.moreless

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      • Philip: I don't care if you're gay, straight, or transgendered. When you make a commitment to somebody, you stand by it.
        Mace: Damn straight. Now let's get outta here before I have to figure out what "transgendered" means.

      • Philip: You know, in the ballet, the swan is always graceful. They never show you what they're like when you shove 'em in the trunk of a car.

      • Philip: Simon and I pay our taxes, we go to church, we support our community. And yet a serial killer on death row can get married, but we can't.
        Mace: Hey, it ain't like those guys get to have a honeymoon.

      • Simon: Well, now we know what it's like to work on a Kennedy campaign.

      • Audrey: (looking at dead swan) This must be Sidney. He's famous. He's the only black swan there.
        Mace: Oh, great. Now we're gonna lose the animal rights vote AND the black vote!

      • (Philip and Mace complain about Simon getting them stuck stuffing envelopes instead of going to a fundraiser)
        Simon: Yes, and might I say you two are doing an "excellent" job heading up the pissing and moaning committee.

      • Mace: I'm in favor of making me rich, not throwing rice on fruit!
        Philip: Your culinary barbs aside, shouldn't Simon be entitled to health coverage and every other right Audrey has?
        Mace: I dunno, did he ever breast feed two babies? Wait...don't answer that!

      • Mace: I got it all figured out. We vote for the guy now, and then when the hotel's up, we throw a bunch of our new money into gettin' him recalled!
        Audrey: Can we do that?
        Mace: Sure! It's the American way!

      • Audrey: God did not intend for men and women to marry each other. (looks confused) You know what I mean!

      • Philip: Simon, stop living in the past. This is for the greater gay good!
        Simon: That's what you said when you made me throw away my unitard.

      • Simon: Guess what I found on the internet!
        Philip: Stop googleing yourself.

      • Charlie Carson: I know I got a little tipsy last night...
        Mace: Tipsy? The Bush twins get tipsy! You were hammered!

      • Mace: I'm not gonna get the hotel, paper says I'm gay, and I still can't get the swan stink outta my car.
        Philip: Hey, you got off easy. The entire city of Boston thinks "you" are my boyfriend.
        Mace: That pain cuts both ways, pal.

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      • James Patrick Stuart previously appeared in one of the most well-received "Frasier" (which is of course the former stomping grounds of Harriet Sansom Harris and several writers/producers) episodes, "The Ski Lodge".

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