It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

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AIRED ON 11/6/2013

Season 9 : Episode 10

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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia revolves around four friends who run a bar in the City of Brotherly Love and have to overcome their relentless self-involvement to make their friendship and business work.

Charlie Day

Charlie Day

Charlie Kelly

Glenn Howerton

Glenn Howerton

Dennis Reynolds

Rob McElhenney

Rob McElhenney


Kaitlin Olson

Kaitlin Olson

Deandra "Dee" Reynolds

Danny DeVito

Danny DeVito

Frank Reynolds (Season 2+)

Fan Reviews (132)

  • Top Shows - Crazy, morbid, black comedy

    Mostly 8 seasons (05-14)
  • CharlieCarr is a moron

    You're a Cu nt. Just because you dont understand the programme doesnt make it poor. This is a great show because they write things THAT HAVE NEVER BEEN WRITTEN BEFORE! Name me any other show that has had its main characters taken hostage by incestuous brothers? Name another show where they've had a fake funeral for a fake baby. It's always sunny is original and Glenn, the writer, has now written 10 series of great shows. again, name me another comedy writer who has done the same? maybe Larry David. Most comedies have teams of writers all working together to make the show. not with this programme it isnt. It was made by three dudes with their own scripts, their own cameras and their own style whilst most tv programming is made by huge studios or companies, who spend millions on creating terrible shit like 2 broke girls, how i met your mother and Tosh.0. I LOVE ITS ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA. I have seen every episode multiple times. I have also watched every 30 rock, 3rd rock from the sun, seinfeld, curb your enthusiasm, Louis, arrested development, new girl, community, frasier, friends, south park, parks and rec, the office, workaholics, archer and a lot more. I love comedy and this is definately one of my favourites. so you not liking IASIP isn't special, you are not gifted because you dont like it, if anything you are devoid of the humour that you yourself claim that this programme is lacking. Go back to watching Glee and Big bang theory, they are nice and safe. And you should be able to understand the simple, paint-by-numbers comedy style that they present. Asshole.moreless
  • It's Never Funny in Philadelphia

    I can start by pointing out how I already know this will be deleted or voted down to oblivion because you people don't like honest reviews. The cult following this attempt at comedy has garnered will turn to me with ire and scorn for saying anything negative about this longstanding "gem".

    The thing is, this show just ISN'T funny. Maybe I've been spoiled by ACTUAL funny people, but this shows dark humor fails to deliver every time. Sure, maybe it's forced a chuckle occasionally, but at least 95% of the time, it's just disappointing. I don't find the topics approached by the gang "edgy" or "sensitive," nor is the stance taken ever fresh or creative.

    If you're a fan of weak dark humor, and mediocre jokes, dive right in. This show is for you. In all honesty, this show is more for people who have no comedic value, nor understand it. The cast is lackluster with the exclusion of Charlie Day and Danny DeVito, Any attempt to think of what the plot may be falls to quick confusion; the same effect is found if you question how the show remains on television.

    tl;dr The show is bad, not dark humor, not funny, very disappointing.

    Now that you've read an honest review, thumb me down for disagreeing with you!moreless
  • Its ALWAYS Sunny

    If you dont think the show is funny, you probably still think Two and a Half Men is funny. Seeing the seflish, crazy antics of The Gang gets funnier and funnier. Dark humor is my favorite kind of humor so this show works perfectly.
  • Laugh out loud funny

    This show gets better and better and this is coming from a Uk Northerner and we're funny as f@ck by birth.

    FXX Renews It's Always Sunny for Two More Seasons and Orders a New Tracy Morgan Comedy

    The Gang makes history by earning the title of longest-running live-action cable comedy in TV history.


    News Briefs: Uhhhh... History Is Remaking Roots

    Plus: A first look at Sherlock Season 3, a possible Glee spin-off, and another superhero show for The CW.

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