It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia revolves around four friends who run a bar in the City of Brotherly Love and have to overcome their relentless self-involvement to make their friendship and business work.

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  • An extremely hilarious show

    The season is already over? Too bad. But hey quality over quantity. Easily one of the funniest shows ever!

    Can't wait for the next one!
  • wildcard bitches!

    greatest comedy show all time bar none, hands down, class dismissed
  • As far as laughs per minute go, It's Always Sunny is quite possibly the funniest show of all time.

    It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia follows five "best friends" who own what is considered the "worst bar in Philly". All of them are just as despicable and horrible as each other. All off them somewhat distinctive in their roles of pure assholeness. Mac being the delusional, egocentric and repressed homosexual. Charlie being the always unpredictable wild card, who is probably the most humanised in his ongoing romantic pursue for a local waitress. Dennis with his worringly lack of empathy for anything is sociapathic even for this group of nihilists, to the point where theres hints of psychosis. Dee being the dartboard for verbal abuse from the rest of the gang (when they dont have other petty quarrels with one another) simply for being female. Frank is certainly the greediest of the bunch, described as a troll and conducts the most appaling money making schemes you're likely to see any time soon. If you were to poll the favourite characters in Sunny, it would be almost a five way tie. Everyone I ask has a different favourite character.

    The show itself is up to its tenth season, and in what can now be considered the most consistent sitcom ever made, classic episodes are still being made. There isn't a weak season in the entire run. It starts with a bang, hilarious from the get go, up until season 2, where the beloved Frank (played by Danny DeVito) is introduced, which put the show into King of Comedy tier. The earlier seasons have a one note formula with simple concepts (which is great in some sense, because they can truly focus on the comedy) but before they start feeling repetitive, the latter seasons become more experimental and go beyond their comfort zone. Though this is somewhat risky, when it pays off it pays off big time. However I'd be lying if I said this means there wouldnt be any subpar episodes. To my knowledge though I can think of only two unwatchable episodes. Thats 2/114! For a show with this many episodes thats truly impressive.

    Its Always Sunny is maybe the most politically incorrect show since South Park. No subject is taboo, and even though there is no strong language or nudity, it's certainly not for the faint of heart. What I love the most about the show is it doesn't try and pull on your heart strings ever like so many sitcoms. It knows you have come to sit down and laugh your ass off so every last second is spent attempting to make this happen. If you wanted emotion your time investment would have been used better on many of the brilliant dramas currently airing.

    The show has fantastic concepts for episodes, and though the executions are not always amazing, they knock the ball out the park with the left field twists and reveals. Need I remind the makes this is a sitcom, not a high quality TV drama? Not that I'm complaining!moreless
  • To kikkapi

    So basically you're saying that you have a favourite tv show and Sunny is not like that show. You have your taste and that's ok.

    The characters are definitely not one-dimensional, but you'd have to actually watch the show to recognize that. I guess you'd like the characters' traits to be served on a plate for you. In real life, nobody is one-dimensional, everybody has some depth. But still, 90% of the time we are just being ourselves. It's the same in this show, they are who they are, but if the circumstances are right, they will reveal their deeper nature. I'd say that's pretty realistic.

    Talking about realistic, the dialogs in this show are one of the most natural I've seen (they often improvise, so that's no surprise). In most tv shows and films you just know "people don't talk like that". So again, I would definitely not say Sunny is not realistic. Unless you mean their actual shenanigans, because yes, they are unlikely to happen in everyday situations, but you don't watch tv shows to experience typical situations.moreless
  • Act like people do in Philly

    This is a great show, I enjoy every minute of it. From its dark humor and Philly attitude the characters have makes the show wonderful. If people don't understand the show think it's all just random yelling crap, Hey that's Philly that's why we have the best fans in sports history

    FX(X) Sets Premiere Dates for The Americans, Justified's Final Run, Always Sunny, and More

    I'm so excited that I kind of want to just skip Christmas and get straight to January.


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