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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Wednesday 10:00 PM on FXX Premiered Aug 04, 2005 In Season



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AIRED ON 2/25/2015

Season 10 : Episode 7

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Show Summary

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia revolves around four friends who run a bar in the City of Brotherly Love and have to overcome their relentless self-involvement to make their friendship and business work.

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Fan Reviews (140)

  • To kikkapi

    So basically you're saying that you have a favourite tv show and Sunny is not like that show. You have your taste and that's ok.

    The characters are definitely not one-dimensional, but you'd have to actually watch the show to recognize that. I guess you'd like the characters' traits to be served on a plate for you. In real life, nobody is one-dimensional, everybody has some depth. But still, 90% of the time we are just being ourselves. It's the same in this show, they are who they are, but if the circumstances are right, they will reveal their deeper nature. I'd say that's pretty realistic.

    Talking about realistic, the dialogs in this show are one of the most natural I've seen (they often improvise, so that's no surprise). In most tv shows and films you just know "people don't talk like that". So again, I would definitely not say Sunny is not realistic. Unless you mean their actual shenanigans, because yes, they are unlikely to happen in everyday situations, but you don't watch tv shows to experience typical situations.moreless
  • Act like people do in Philly

    This is a great show, I enjoy every minute of it. From its dark humor and Philly attitude the characters have makes the show wonderful. If people don't understand the show think it's all just random yelling crap, Hey that's Philly that's why we have the best fans in sports history
  • Best thing on television

    Obviously not for everyone but if you have an expanded sense of humor you will love it immediately puts me in a good mood whenever i watch it
  • Kind of stupid!

    I honestly don't like this show. I think it is slow-paced and grimy, and not very fun. FX is a great channel. They have The League, which is my favorite show currently on television (second of all time to Arrested Development). The League is fun and fast paced. The characters (other than Ruxin) are likable, and all (including Ruxin) are funny. The League has wit, charm, and profanity.

    Always Sunny is boring. The characters are boring, one-dimensional and irritating. The show is not very creative, and reminds me of Workaholics. They both center on a group of stupid friends, doing stupid things, and making stupid jokes. The show is full of good actors, and they do a pretty good job when it comes to acting. The problem is the show just isn't realistic. The League has characters that seem like people you would know in real life. Always Sunny does not. What is a Ivy League graduate doing running a bar with two morons.

    People say the show is "Seinfeld on crack". The only difference is Seinfeld is funny.moreless
  • South Park with real humans

    I have been a fan of this show from Season 1. Yes it's silly, crass, and sometimes just plain unbelievable. But that's part of the charm. As a friend once remarked, the characters in It's always Sunny in Philadelphia act like grown-up South Park Kids.

    FX(X) Sets Premiere Dates for The Americans, Justified's Final Run, Always Sunny, and More

    I'm so excited that I kind of want to just skip Christmas and get straight to January.


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