It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Season 4 Episode 3

America's Next Top Paddy's Billboard Model Contest

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 25, 2008 on FXX
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Episode Summary

After Frank invests in a billboard, he and Mac attempt to find Paddy's next top model. Dennis enters the competition to prove that he has what it takes to be featured on the billboard. Meanwhile, Charlie and Dee work together to come up with the next big thing on Youtube.moreless

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  • The gang decides to create a billboard.

    After two average episodes last week It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia seemed to get back on track. Sure the series has digressed immensely since Season 1, but there were still some comedic moments here. The top model storyline wasn't very original, but Mac as the host was excellent. He was at his comedic best here being sarcastic and obsessed with banging the girls.

    This season is not as well-written and it seems like they have run out of material and are reaching desperately to fill FX's episode orders. That does not mean that there aren't funny lines, but this is just not the top show it once was.moreless
  • Not my favorite episode, but Green Man definitely saves this episode.

    To me, this episode just wasn't as funny as the first two of the season. It definitely wasn't the viral video plot point, because I thought that Dee in all of her stupid personas and Charlie breaking out the Green Man was amazing. Any time Charlie dresses up in Green Man, which is pretty rare, you're due for a good time.

    The thing that brought the episode down for me was the Billboard section of the episode. Sometimes, the writers include situations that just aren't funny. The whole contest, for me, just didn't cut it. Mac was pretty funny, and Dennis was, as usual, overly vain and tore his shirt off as often as he could, but Frank just wasn't funny. I found myself focusing completely on the Dee and Charlie plot

    Speaking of that, I'm not sure why, but I actually like it more when Dee and Charlie have scenes together. They really seem to have a good chemistry going on and hopefully, in Season 5, we'll have more episodes like this.

    However, I hope they don't include any episodes with situations as sub-par as the Billboard one.moreless
  • The gang decides to run a contest for models named "America's Next Top Paddy Billboard Model".

    This episode was very funny, and had a little bit of everything. It had Charlie and Dee going off on their own and creating viral videos (that are actually available on Youtube), in order to promote the bar. I always like it when Charlie and Dee get to do things together on the show. They are the two least respected characters in the gang, so it's always fun when they team up. I really hope that they hook up on the show now, in some sort of weird show intersection of the two outside the show real relationships. Those videos and the scenes with Charlie and Dee are priceless.

    Anyway, Frank is running the model contest and keeps messing with Dennis about not being good enough to be part of the contest. He puts him through a lot of trouble until Dennis eventually quits while another model, a tall strong muscled beefcake wins the contest. Meanwhile Mac is running his own "The Bachelor" like contest but his is a lot more corrupt as he simply just picks two of the contestants that banged him (and who also happened to let him watch as they banged each other, sweet!). In the end, Frank had already made up his mind and went with himself as the model on the billboard. It was simply him between two large breasts giving the thumbs up sign. The episode also ends with some of the classic techno music that the show used in this episode and in others (like the dancing guy episode).

    And of course there's some Green Man in this episode.

    All in all, it was just another great episode.moreless

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    • Dennis: My nose was chiseled by the gods themselves, Frank. My body was sculpted to the proportions of Michelangelo's David. You, on the other hand, well... you're a pit of despair. Frank, you disgust me. You disgust everyone. And you will never, ever be on that billboard.

    • Dennis: I'm a stallion.
      Mac: Ugh! Ew! All right, this is messy. Um, look, buddy, 2003 Dennis, okay, he was Grade-A prime beefcake. No one is disputing that. He was a stallion. But 2008 Dennis is in decline. Take a look at Rex here. That is a body that just won't quit. I bet if you pop these pants off, you're gonna find a bird that just won't quit either. And I think that'll come in handy in this situation. I think the problem here is that your body quit. Your bird quit. And unfortunately, it's no longer legit.

    • Charlie: Later, dudes! "S" you in your "A"s, don't wear "C"s, and "J" all over your "B"s.

    • Frank: I went on a stud hunt. I came back with beefcakes.

    • Mac: (to Frank) Haven't you ever seen The Bachelor? Look, you get a whole bunch of them together. You make them compete over you, bing-bang-boom, soulmate.

    • Dee: I can't concentrate when I'm about to get blasted in the face with a ball.
      Charlie: I'll blast you all over if you flinch again.

    • Rachelle: You're a dick!
      Mac: I know. And that's what I learned.

    • Dennis: Check it out. Check it out!
      Frank: What is it?
      Dennis: I'll tell you what it is, bitch.

    • Mac: Attention, ladies. I'm gonna need all the A cups to please head for the back door.

    • Mac: Dennis, you and I are on the same team. Hot chick up on the billboard. Sex sells. Boom.
      Dennis: Oh, absolutely. It's Advertising 101: long legs, taut breasts and tight poopers.

    • Charlie: You're nothing without Greenman.

    • Dennis: Plus, think about it. Dennis Reynolds, 40 ft tall and shirtless. Oh, it's going to be so perfect!

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    • Title: America's Next Top Paddy's Billboard Model

      The title of this episode is an allusion to the show "America's Next Top Model".

    • Charlie: You ever see those girls smashing the grapes, and then slips and she's like...?

      This is a reference to a popular Youtube video of a tv reporter who fell off a stand and injured herself while she was stomping grapes at a winery/resort.

    • Dennis: My body was sculpted to the proportions of Michelangelo's David.

      This is an allusion to Michelangelo's famous sculpture, David.

    • Charlie: You know what it's like for Chocolate Rain when he goes around the world?

      This is an allusion to Tay Zonday, an internet celebrity famous for his song, "Chocolate Rain" and its accompanying video on Youtube.